Kombucha – healthy fermented tea


Kombucha is a sweet, fizzy drink made of yeast, sugar, and fermented tea. It has a number of potential health benefits, including gut health and liver function. Kombucha is made from either a green or black tea. Added to that is white sugar, which has been fermented with a type of “tea fungus” called SCOBY (Symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria ) for one to two weeks.

The fermentation process of kombucha means that the drink is rich in probiotics. Probiotic bacteria are similar to healthful bacteria that are found in the gut.


Consuming probiotics may improve overall gut health. Probiotic bacteria have been found to help treat diarrhea and may help to ease irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

To kick start the brewing process you will need;

  • Distilled water
  • Refined sugar
  • Glass container
  • Tea sachets – any time of tea; (black or Green). I use Sabah Tea since it is readily available in the market.
  • SCOBY + starter liquid
SCOBY – a Symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria
  1. Boiled distilled water on stove top, once the water is boiled, remove from heat and add tea bag and steep for 5 minutes. I prefer to use Sabah Tea as it has no artificial coloring and readily available in Kota Kinabalu.
  2. Remove tea bag and add in sugar. Let the tea cooled to room temperature and put in the SCOBY
  3. Cover your glass containers with a clean kitchen towel or tissue and place away from direct sunlight. I secure the towel with large rubber bands. The kombucha needs oxygen to ferment, so you’re using a towel rather than a lid to allow air to circulate. The rubber band secures the towel to keep out flies, insects, or other contaminants.
  4. set out in the dark corner of your kitchen for 7 to 14 days. In my case, I prefer to leave it for 10 days. Taste not too sour and perfect taste.
  5. remove the mother and the “baby” and set it aside on a plate, pouring about a half cup of the fermented tea mixture over the mother to keep it moist. You can keep them both in another container with a starter liquid for your next brew.
  6. By now your brew should be ready – it should taste mildly sweet and slightly sour
  7. Start the 2nd fermentation by pouring the brew into the bottle. Add in juice and fruits of your preferred taste. Be experiment and find your own favorite taste. The ratio of the kombucha to juice should be 1:3.
  8. leave it for 3 days and put the bottle into the fridge to stop the fermentation process. (remember to check the bottle if it’s too gassy, else it may explode!)


I have recommended Kombucha to many of my friends and family, but the initial reaction is one of disgust at the idea of carbonated bacteria. However, once you try it, you will love it. There are many different cases of Kombucha juice, just give it a shot. My personal favorite is pineapple with the ginger slice. I promise you and your body will not be disappointed.

To start your own Kombucha, you can purchase the scoby from https://sabaherbs.com/product-category/kombucha-scoby/


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