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Cassie – hitz Sabah Drive Thru (4pm-8pm on weekdays)

I love my Kadazan food and food prepared by Kadazans in the kampung area. I will never forget my experience eating at Kafe Tradisi Ku at Market88, Kepayan. I still can taste the chicken bambangan, young banana shoot curry, tuhau, hinava & aiiaan kerabu (keladi bunting) in my mouth.


Another place I love eating at is Mee Sup Pipin. The coffee shop (which is located below their house) is run by a Kadazan family in Penampang & the drive there is as beautiful as their pork noodles soup. I can eat Mee Sup Pipin every day because it’s that good!

rica hitz fm

Rica – hitz 1-2-4 (1-4pm weekdays)

My favorite breakfast spot is at Kedai Kopi Kai Shun where they serve MEE KOLO in Foh Sang, Luyang! The mee kolo is freshly made by hand and topped with minced and roasted pork, plus salted vege soup on the side. You will get bursting savory flavors in the mouth and it is bound to satisfy one’s gastronomic needs! The staff knows my usual order as I am a regular and they always greet me with the biggest smile! A great breakfast place to check out in KK!

Kedai Kopi Kai Shun Mee Kolo!


FARHAN – hitz Playlist 10am-1pm

I have a special talent called “wallop”! It is my ability to finish any leftovers squeaky clean whenever there is food. I love to eat and I don’t like wasting any of it. I love all food but if I had to choose one, it would have to be chicken wings! Fried and grilled or steamed in a soup. Just throw them at me. Chicken wings and I are totally inseparable. That’s where I got my “belly”! LOL

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