Tourist Guide – 10 local foods you must eat at Kota Kinabalu


Visiting Kota Kinabalu city and looking to eat like a local instead of western/fast food? Below is the 10 foods you must try when visiting Kota Kinabalu. There are actually more than 10 foods to try as some shops serve few variety foods. All the eateries listed below are located within Kota Kinabalu city area and you can easily walk around the city. Happy discovering Kota Kinabalu!


Open Breakfast Only

Ang Kim Lam Coffee shop

Serve Kon Lau mee ( dark sauce dry stirred noodle). Very popular with the local and prepare to wait for more than half an hour for your plate of delicious noodle to be served. You can’t go wrong with the Kon lau Mee as the dark sauce mix well with the noodle or you can also choose the soup noodle version which is equally good.

Opening hour: early 6am till 10am

Location: Located at Corner shop at Kampung air, facing the big roundabout and former Cathay cineplex

GPS location : 5.9779662N 116.0746604E

kota kinabalu kampung air food

kota kinabalu kampung air food


Seng Hing Coffee shop

serve one of the best Tom Yam seafood noodles in town. Serve with fresh prawn and great tom yam soup. They also serve good Tuaran Mee.

Opening hour : 7am to 4pm

Location : Lot 10, Ground Floor, Sinsuran Complex (Lorong Sinsuran 2B),

GPS Location5.9804978N 116.0725817E


seng heng tom yam

seng heng tuaran mee

Kim Hing Lee coffee Shop

the first Coffee shop in Kota Kinabalu to serve Sang Nyuk Mian ( pork noodle ) Sabah is famous for its own version of Pork noodle. Serve with thinly sliced pork and innards. The Kon lau version (dry stirred with dark sauce) is also highly recommended.

Opening hour: 7am to 3pm

Location: Blk F, Lot 7, Sinsuran Complex

GPS Location5.9802443N 116.0725817E


kim hing lee pork noodle

Yee Fung Coffee shop

Located at Gaya Street and famous for their Laksa. They also serve hot pot chicken rice and beef noodle if you prefer nonspicy food. Do try their teh tarik (pulled tea)

Opening hour: 7am to 4pm

Location: 127, Jalan Haji Saman

GPS Location5.9824584N 116.0765889E


yee fung laksa
yee fung gaya street


Sri Latha Curry house

Looking for Indian food? drop by Sri Latha Curry house at Bandaran Berjaya area and try their highly recommended banana leaf rice. you can choose chicken or lamb meat to go with the vegetarian leaf rice set. The area is a bit hidden so do take note on the exact location before getting there.

Opening hour: 7am to 4pm

Location: 28 Jalan Berjaya 4

GPS Location: 5.9768618N 116.0764039E

Sri Latha curry house

Sri Latha curry house

Sri Latha curry house

Lunch and tea Time

Kedai Kopi Yuit Cheong

Yuit Cheong is considered one of the oldest coffee shops in Kota Kinabalu as it is Yuit Cheong is established in 1896! Yuit Cheong coffee shop is known for its satay, with the selection of beef and chicken. If you looking for something different, then you must try the satay perut(beef tripe)

Enjoy a cup of Kopi o while ordered some Roti Kahwin or Roti kosong to go with the satay sauce.

Opening hour: 8am to6pm

Location: No. 50, 3rd Floor, Jalan Pantai, Sabah, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Phone:+60 88-252 841

GPS Location: 5.9827946N 116.0758674E

Satay Jawi @ Kedai Kopi Yui Cheong
Satay Jawi @ Kedai Kopi Yui Cheong
Satay Jawi @ Kedai Kopi Yui Cheong
Satay Jawi @ Kedai Kopi Yui Cheong

Lunch and Dinner

Welcome Seafood

Sabah is famous for its seafood and the most convenient place to have good and reasonably priced seafood is at Welcome Seafood, Asia City. Open during the lunch hour and dinner time. The place packed with tourist from 5pm onwards.

Opening hour: 11.30 am to 2pm, 4.30 pm to 10pm

Location: Lot G 18, Ground Floor, Kompleks Asia City, Phase 2A, Jalan Asia City

GPS Location5.9749971N 116.0730377E

kota kinabalu seafood restaurant

kota kinabalu seafood restaurant

kota kinabalu seafood restaurant


Fatt Kee Coffee Shop

Serve Chinese food and famous for its Chicken wing. Locals usually call it Ang’s Hotel as the shop is located below the Hotel. Price is reasonably cheap and the food is tasty.

Opening hour : 5pm to 11pm

Location : Ang’s Hotel, Beach Street,

GPS Location5.9848219, 116.0764843

fatt kee

fatt kee

fatt kee

Yu kee Bak Kut Teh

The most popular Bak Kut Teh for the locals and tourist.

Opening hour: 4.30 pm to 11pm

Location: 74, Jalan Gaya

GPS Location: 5.9846672N 116.0774311E

yu kee bak kut teh



All day

Fook Yuen Bakery Cafe

Favorite place for the locals to have bread, coffee, and tea. The cold butter kaya bread or simple call Roti Kahwin is the signature food at Fook Yuen. They also served extensive foods from noodle to dim sums.

Opening hour : 7am to 12am

Location :

Gaya Street Branch

Jubilee Tower, Gaya Street

GPS Location : 5.9850834N 116.0780132E

Asia City Branch 

Star City, Asia City

GPS Location: 5.9758508N 116.0725093E

Fook Yuen

fook yuen bread

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