Sandakan Food Trail – Foods you must try when in Sandakan


Located at the east coast of Sabah, Sandakan used to be known as Little Hong Kong because of its similar skyline and landscape and of course because of its prosperity. Over its hundred years of history, Sandakan has developed from a village to be a timber center of Sabah during the 70s.

Sandakan is an important historical and nature city in Sabah but most importantly Sandakan offers great choice of foods for foodies. Yam Cha is big in Sandakan as the culture is inherited from the British. Good selection of pastries and cake can be found all around Sandakan but the “must eat” at Sandakan is the Seafood. The seafood is fresh and cheap. There are fish noodles, fish cake, seafood bak kut teh and much more for you to choose for. If you are a foodie, a trip to Sandakan will be a memorable one to you for sure!

Visitors come to Sandakan for its Nature tour at Kinabatangan or Sandakan Heritage Trail. For a foodie, you can explore Sandakan food trail by driving as public transportation is not well developed at Sandakan


Sandakan Central Market

There are over 30 food stalls at Sandakan Central Market ( Pasar umum) The most famous stall is The original kueh Teow with deep-fried pork on the 3rd floor. Stall no. 33 (facing the sea) is also highly recommended for their seafood noodle. For more information of Sandakan Central Market

Opening hours: 5am to 11am


Pasar Umum Sandakan,

Beside Sandakan Convention Center

GPS Location:  5.8387414N 118.1206816E

Sandakan central market fried pork kueh teow
Sandakan central market fried pork kueh teow

Pasar Tanah Merah (moved to Bandar Nam Tung)

Locals come here for the famous kuey teow with deep-fried pork. The nearby stall manned by an uncle sell good steam buns.

Location: opposite Bandar Nam Tung

GPS Location: 5.83116, 118.08765


Pasar Tanah Merah

Sim Sim Bridge no. 7 (moved to One Avenue 10, Jalan Utara as Kedai Kopi Lee Hao Fook()

If you looking to try the famous spring noodle of Sandakan, Sim Sim Bridge no.7 serve good and tasty springy noodle. They also serve good dim sums, century egg dumplings and curry laksa. Sandakan Spring noodle at Sim Sim Bridge 7 (第7桥)

Opening hours: 6am to 11am

Location: One Avenue 10, Jalan Utara

GPS Location5.8388534N 118.1205958E Sandakan Food

Bridge no 7 Sim sim food

Kedai Makan Kong Teck

fresh self-made wantans, fuchook, fishcakes, Prawn balls, stuffed bittergourd, stuffed tofu, tofu puffs serve in clear soup, curry laksa and prawn soup. Do also try their Hakka Kon Lou Mee

Opening hours: Tues – Sun 6.30am-11am (Closed on Mondays)

Location: Jalan Pak Tak, Mile 7 90000 Sandakan, Sabah

GPS Location:  5.8803705N 118.0556837E Kedai Makan Kong Teck Sandakan

Breakfast to Lunch

Moon & Star

Serve Sang Nyuk Mian (pork Noodle)  生肉面. Must try the Sang Nyuk Mian with pepper soup.

Opening hours: 8am to 3pm

Location: Mile 6, Jalan Utara (Taman Tyng)

GPS Location5.86703, 118.05884Sandakan

Kim Fah 2 京华II, Taman Tyng

Famous for Cantonese style roast. Their roasted duck is a must. Service is slow but worth the wait

Location:  No 1-42, Bandar Tyng, Mile 6, North Road,

Tel: 60 16-818 7588

GPS Location: 5.8687429N 118.0596748E

Sandakan foods June 2016

Sandakan foods June 2016

良记鱼旦。Leong Kee Fish Ball. 

Serve one of the best fish balls in Sandakan. Their fishball is fresh with the hints of mandarin orange peel. The fishball century off dumpling is also a must!

Location: Bandar Prima Square (Behind D’Northstar Hotel)

GPS Location5.8566453N 118.0734318E

Sandakan foods June 2016

Lots of fish balls. Fresh and delicious!

Sandakan foods June 2016

a simple yet delicious fish ball noodle

Sandakan foods June 2016

Lunch to tea time

Kedai Yap Syn Kee

Old-time favorite cincau(glass jelly) drink for over 70 years! Kedai Yap Syn Kee is a sundry shop located beside Jalan Cecily but they are famous for cincau/leong fun made using simple recipe yet tasty. you can choose the cincau drink with or without evaporated milk. Perfect place to make a short stop if you pass by Jalan Cecily. Kedai Yap Syn Kee are close most of the time but do knock on the door (after 12pm)

Location: Alongside Jalan Cecily

GPS location: 5.8288312N 118.0780855E

yap syn kee

Kedai Roti Gold Crown

Great Variety of pastries offering. Famous for their red bean paste pastry. They also serve delicious fish balls and pork skin soup Sandakan food – Kedai Roti Gold Crown 金冠麵包中西餅店

Opening hours: 8am to 5pm

Location: Tanah Merah (opposite Bandar Nam Tung)

GPS Location5.831062N 118.0880553E

Sandakan Food Kedai roti gold crown Sandakan

Kedai Kopi Wing Hup Lee

Wing Hup Lee famous thin crust egg tart is delicious and sold out as soon as they come out from the oven. they also serve Prawn noodle and curry Laksa

Location: Permai Shoplot, Jalan Sibuga, Mile 6, Sandakan Sabah

GPS Location:5.8570002N 118.0566224E Sandakan Food

Bun Hock Bakery

serve Sandakan famous UFO tarts

Lrg. Sibuga 3
90000 Sandakan
Tel: 089-631-176

GPS Location5.8434722N 118.0409208E Sandakan Food

Kedai Kopi Baru Bar Lock Yuen

serving buns and pastries at Sandakan for over 50 years old. famous for their homemade red bean paste and roasted crushed peanut mixed with sugar

Opening hours: 8am to 5pm

Location: Pasir Putih, Jalan Bokara (facing the road about with Fish)

GPS Location: 5.8235052N 118.0820364E Kedai Kopi Baru Bar Lock Yuen

lunch and dinner

Ngee Lee Restaurant

Delicious Coconut jelly and Cantonese roast. The coconut jelly is made from coconut milk. A must try especially during hot day  SANDAKAN FOOD – KEDAI MAKAN NGEE LEE

Opening hours: 10am to 2pm, 5pm to 8.30pm

Location: Tanah Merah, Beside Leila road (opposite Nam Tung Town)

Tel: 089-611672

GPS Location5.831094N 118.088125E

Ngee Lee Restaurant Sandakan
Ngee Lee Restaurant Sandakan

Nam Chai Seafood Bak Kut Teh

Seafood Bak Kut Teh NAM CHAI SEAFOOD BAK KUT TEH (南财肉骨茶)

Opening hours: 8:30am to 2pm and 6pm to 9pm

Location: Ground Floor, Blok D, Jalan Leila, Bandar Nam Tung

GPS Location5.8307738N 118.0894983E

Seafood bak kut teh

Sim Sim 88 Seafood Restaurant

famous seafood restaurant at Sim Sim water village. Serve fresh and delicious Seafood.

Location: Sim Sim bridge 8

GPS Location5.8598418N 118.1263787E

Sim Sim 88 seafood restaurant
Sim Sim 88 seafood restaurant


San Da Gen Kopitiam

San Da Gen Kopitiam offers simple foods that not only encapsulate Sandakan’s coffeeshop eats, but also traditional Malaysian favorites. The owner attempt to recreate/collect all the traditional local favorite foods all under one roof. A must visit when in Sandakan Town area

Opening hours: 8am to 5pm

Location: Nak Hotel, Jalan Perabuhan

GPS Location5.8385706N 118.1165725E

San Da Gen

San Da Gen

Urban Cafe

Famous for their fruit-based cake. We tried their avocado cake which is in season now and the taste is heavenly. Creamy with avocado taste.

Location: Lot 151, ground floor, Block G, Lorong Avenue 5, Bandar Utama IJM

GPS Location: 5.8646446N 118.0536586E

Facebook page:

Sandakan foods June 2016

Sandakan foods June 2016

Chokolatte, The Coffee Ministry Sandakan

Chokolatte is a Korean concept cafe serving a variety of delicate dessert and cake. Nice cafe with great ambiance.

Location: Lot 43-GF, Jalan Dataran B.U. 4, Utama Zone 3 Commercial, Jalan Bandar Utama, Mile 6, North Road

GPS Location5.8616535N 118.0520198E

Sandakan foods June 2016

Sandakan foods June 2016

Crowd 99

A cafe serving yogurt, ice cream, coffee, juice, cake and pasta. The soft-serve ice cream is delicious and they change the flavor every week.

Location: Lot 52, Ground Floor, Lorong Avenue 2

GPS Location5.8645805N 118.0523175E

Sandakan foods 2016

Sandakan foods 2016

Equator Coffee house

Local favorite cafe for tiramisu and coffee. First gourmet specialty coffee house to operate in Sandakan

Opening hours: 11.00 am to 5.30pm, 7.30pm to 11pm

Facebook page:


G/F, Lot 5, Block 12, Bandar Indah,

Mile 4, Jalan Utara,

tel: 6089-210517

GPS Location5.854927N 118.0726755E

Sandakan Food


Persatuan Perikanan Sandakan (Sandakan Fishing Association)

A no menu seafood restaurant. They serve the freshest seafood available on the day. The restaurant is actually the office of Sandakan fishing association and the chef is the chairman of the association. There are only 4 tables available so make sure you call to make a booking before visiting.

Location: Lebuh Empat, Sandakan Town

tel: 012-8646186

GPS Location: 5.8412469N 118.1186914E

Sandakan foods June 2016

Sandakan foods June 2016

Sandakan foods June 2016

All-day dining

Pasar Kim Fung

(Dumplings, chicken rice, yam paus, chicken wings, apam, taufufah, cham piang, cakui, kon lau mee) Opens from early morning till late for late partygoers

Location: Mile 4, North Road, Bandar Kim Fung

GPS Location5.8574405N 118.0790645E

Chicken Wing at Kim fung market

Sotong Kankung at Kim Fung Market

Balin Rooftop

rooftop hang out place for sunset view overlooking the sea. Balin Rooftop boasts a beautiful penthouse rooftop lounge with one of the great view of Sandakan bay and the town.

Facebook page

Opening hours: 7am to 1am

Location: 8th Floor, Nak Hotel

tel: 089-272988

GPS Location5.8384932N 118.1165859E

Balin Rooftop, Nak Hotel

Kedai Makan Pukat

Seafood restaurant located within the fishing village. offer fresh seafood

Location: Kampung Pukat Fishing Village, Bandar Nam Tung

tel: 089-616510

GPS Location: 5.828978N 118.0885971E

2014-04-04 17.57.22


Where to Buy prawn cracker, salted fish and dried seafood products in Sandakan?

Sandakan is famous for its sea produce. While it may be hard to bring back some fresh seafood, a souvenir consist of dried sea produce is a must when visiting Sandakan. You can find homemade style sellers mainly at Sim Sim and Kampung Tanah Merah Area.

Sim Sim Bridge no.8

You can find fresh sea produce and salted fish and this restaurant cum marketplace. Fishermen on a small boat usually sell their daily catch to this restaurant.

Location: Sim Sim bridge no. 8 (Beside Sim Sim 88 seafood restaurant)

GPS Location5.8598739N 118.1264108E

Sim Sim water village

Kampung Pukat

The villagers dried and make their own prawn cracker at their house compound. Walk around the water village and look for the seller as there are few household selling their own dried sea produce.

Location: Kampung Pukat (beside Bandar Nam Tung)

GPS Location: 5.8297278N 118.0879641E

Pasir Putih Water village

Pasir Putih Water village

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  1. Went to Kampung Pukat Fishing Village last year. The foods at there really delicious especially porridge and cheap.

  2. Some update:

    Restaurant sim SIM bridge no.7 has moved to One Avenue 10, Jalan Utara as Kedai Kopi Lee Hao Fook(吃得是福). (Next to PL Bookstore).

    Syn Ming Sing has moved to the next block along the same road.

  3. Pls do recommend place where i can get the best mee kway teow with the best quality but halal. Seriously its kinda hard getting tasty kway teow but halal nowadays. If there is pls recommend. Tq.


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