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Plaza 333, a new commercial area located alongside Donggongon bypass offers a vast selection of eateries and Restaurants. Below are some of the eateries we tried over the last few months. The list will be updated regularly as more eateries are coming up in the area.

Pick N Pay Plaza 333

Pick N Pay Plaza 333, their 10th outlet introduce baguette and Beer Zone corner within the outlet.  Pick N Pay Plaza 333Make your own sandwich subway style available at Pick N Pay plaza 333 now?. Price from RM9.90. Now I dont need to drive to airport for my sandwich craving?✌

plaza 333

Aki Sushi

Open their first outlet at Plaza 333. Serving pork ramen and stew pork Japanese style too. Open kitchen with a vast selection of Japanese Food.

 Aki Sushi Plaza 333

Super Ono

Super Ono (Ono meaning delicious in Hawaiian) serves poke bowl.  With salmon, tuna, brown rice, avocado, cucumber, mango, and edamame, this Hawaiian style quick Poke Bowl is perfect for hot Kota Kinabalu weather.

Opening hours: 10am to 10pm

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Jacknife Bar & Grill

Famous for their grill foods. Their grilled pork belly is a must

Fatty pork chop for dinner?? at Jacknife. The meat is tender and well marinated. Delicious and big portion. Is this the best pork chop in KK????? ?Jacknife Bar & Grill, Plaza 333 ?RM25.90 for pork chop

Zinox Bar & Grill

Specialize in Western foods. Famous for the pork ribs

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Sizzle by Rasa Bahagia

Asian & Western comfort food with a Sizzling twist! Must try: Nasi Lalap serves on sizzling hot plate and lots of sambal

Nasi lalap served sizzling hot on hot plate at Sizzle???. Love the Sambal serve with the fried chicken. Sizzle specialize in sizzling hot plate meal and their shop is tidy and windy. Good place for hot plate food at Plaza 333.

Fully Full Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant serving dim sum and Chinese style cooking.

Saturday breakfast, Wat tan ho at Plaza 333. A bit too salty for my liking. They also serve dim sum for breakfast ?Fully Full Restaurant ?RM8 ⛔️non halal

Atuk Huang Kon Lau Mee

Serves delicious owned-made Sarawak Kolo Mee.

Delicious Kon Lau mee using fresh noodle made right behind their shop. They only sell 2 types of food at their shop, Kon lau mee and wan tan soup. Simple and nice?? ?location : Atuk Huang Noodle house 范爷面家,Plaza 333, Donggongon bypass :clo

Sino Taste Kitchen

Fusion of Chinese and Kadazan cuisine.

Sino Kitchen Nasi Lemak

Kuya BBQ and Grill

Serve Filipino Cuisine. Must try their Crispy Pata and Lechon Paksiw

Opening hours: 11am- 2pm, 5pm – 11.30pm

Pork Sisig

The Cafe 1985

Serve specialty grade coffee, cakes and foods in a comfortable environment

Bo Teng Restaurant (明记香港麵家)

Bo Teng Restaurant serves Hong Kong style noodle. You can choose from local noodle and HK Noodle to go with the wanton, braised beef and fried pork chop.

Granny Chung 50’s 嬷嬷时代

Serve variety of Chinese Dessert, Steam Rice Roll, Porridge and snacks. We love the Steam Rice Roll and Porridge.

Opening hours: 1pm to 10pm, 5pm to 6pm Restime

Prawn Chee Cheong Fun


RegiusTea Kota Kinabalu

Originated from Hong Kong, Regiustea pioneer in Cold-brewed Cheese Tea, having more than 100 outlets globally. They open their first outlet in Sabah at Plaza 333.

Source: RegiusTea FB Page

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