Pusat Makanan Laut Pasir Putih Baru


When in Sandakan, Seafood is a must. One of the most popular seafood restaurant in Sandakan is Pusat Makanan Laut Pasir Putih Baru.

Safety is still the main concern for tourist in Sandakan as Pusat Makanan Laut Pasir Putih is located next to Ocean King Restaurant where the kidnap happen 2 months back but we feel safe as there are police patrol nearby and new security post setup along the Sandakan Bay. 


The owner recommend us some dishes. One of the most popular dish at Pusat Makanan Laut Pasir Putih Baru, 大虾伊面 Tai Ha Yee Mee (big prawn yee mee) . The prawn is so fresh can literally taste the sea in every bite. The yee mee is fried to perfection and crunchy. The well cooked gravy with hints of Chinese wine bring the prawns and yee mee together. Delicious!


New menu at Pusat Makanan Laut Pasir Putih Baru, home made prawn balls 响鈐虾丸


surprise, there are wasabi stuff inside the prawn balls. No wonder they call it bell prawn balls.


恙䓤沙白 Clams with ginger onion


Steamed red snapper 清蒸红鱼


招牌豆腐 Signature Tofu


马来巴吉菜 Paku Pakis fried with Sambal belacan


干烧花蚧 Grilled crab. My favourite. Not because I love crab, but it’s because this is the easiest and tastiest way to cook them. The taste and moist of the crab meat all retained in this well grilled crab.


金香青蚧 Spicy crab. Most restaurant served their spicy crab in dry sauce but Pusat Makanan Laut Pasir Putih Baru version is served with tasty sauce.

Thanks to Mr Foo for taking the time to introduce the dishes to us. The quality of the seafood and price is certainly much better than Kota Kinabalu. I know where I will be next time when I looking for seafood in Sandakan.

Pusat Makanan Laut Pasir Putih (Baru),

Mile 2 1/2, Jalan Batu Sapi,

PO Box No. 2251,

90725 Sandakan, Sabah.

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