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By Mona Coretti Lee

Burger will always be everyone’s comfort food regardless of their age. That blissful feeling when you take the first bite into the soft bun cover with that fat juicy tender patty with cheese oozing out – Heavenly indeed.  If you love burger and constantly searching for places to explore despite of ending up with fast food burger, this might be the perfect article for you. Your guideline to burger joints in KK – From Penampang to KK area.

Damn Good burger 

Have you tried 5 juicy fat patties with triple cheese top up with creamy homemade sause for your burger? If you have not tried it or seen it before, go down to Damn Good Burger to try out their mouth-watering Doomsday burger for RM23.00 and its beef. Apart from that, they do serve lamb meat, charcoal color bun, 8inches pizza and various choices of combo (comes with fries and drink). DGB do offer delivery services and deliver you burger to your doorstep while it’s still hot.

Location: Plaza Millenium Penampng, 1st Floor.

Operation hours: 3pm – 11pm

Contact No: 012-7088680

Pusas Stakehouse 

A non-halal burger joint that recently opened at the Peak serving finger-licking good burger! Their specialty in the house is The Smokin Bacon Burger which the patties are made with 100% premium pork cut. Pusas Stakehouse specializes in serving pork and they have other option of meal apart from serving burger such as hotdog and small bits as appetizer. All burger starts off with the price range of RM19.00 and burgers do come with fries. Do visit www.pusas.my for their choices of burger and other dishes.

Location: S6, The Peak Vista Shoplots, Lorong Puncak 1, Jalan Signal Hillpark

Operation hours: 11am – 11pm

Contact No: 088-299199

Lava Burger Bakar 

Lava Burger Bakar serve various kind of home-made patty such as chicken, beef and lamb meet. Recently for Raya special, they came out with a shellout concept where each set comes with 2 burgers, large fries, chicken chop and beef meatball with the price range of RM55 – RM90, depending with the pax. Their specialty is Classic lava Gunung Kinabalu comes with 3 juicy home-made beef patty,lettuce, tomato and melted cheese!

Location: Market 88 Place, Austral Kepayan

Operation: 11am – 11pm

Contact No: 088-211877

Bigbite Burger

A small burger joint that not only specialize in serving GOOD burger but western food as well. They started their business since 2015 and ever-since then, they constantly update their menu in order to keep their customers satisfied. They have 3 burger signatures which are The Hawaiian, Mushroom Burger and Bigbite Original. Apart from that, they do provide food catering and often join for any bazaar going-on. DO check out their Instagram at bigbiteburger and be prepared to feel hungry afterward.

Location: Shoplot Khidmat Arked Jalan Bukit Padang, (Khidmat Supermarket)

Operation hours: 5pm – 11pm

Contact No: 010-9451398 or 013-8438573


Uptown KK 

This burger joint started off from a stall at Cybercity and slowly expanded to a bigger  shop at Lintas. Other than serving good burger, they also offer Shisha for their customer to enjoy and hang out. Their specialty are Rave Burger and Hangover burger with the price range of RM6.00 to RM8.00. Also, Uptown also serve western food.

Location: No 2, Ground Floor, Heritage Plaza, Lintas, Luyang

Operation: 7pm – 2am

Contact No: 012-8182075

Big D Burger Sandwiches 

Can’t get enough of 2 patties and wants 3 instead? Love to top it with eggs? Well, head down to Big-D burger to tried out their specialty burger called Big-D Triple burger. Believe it or not, their burgers are healthy that it is made from organic! Their burger are soo good that it made it to Breeze magazine. Apart from serving chicken meat, they do save beef and lamb meat to suit your preferable choice. They offer delivery service at Putatan, Petagas and Ketiau Area.

Location: Seri Pandan Putatan (Kindly waze it at Big-D Burger as this is home based)

Operation: 4.30pm – 1am

Contact No: 011-17880018

Borneo Wild Hogs 

Everyone’s favorite burgers especially during Kaamatan as they always open a booth at KDCA during that period of time. This is a home-based burger joint that served non-halal burger and pusas (how to local would call it as titbits while drinking). Their specialty is double cheese burger pork meat with single juicy patty in it. But do expect delay with their phone call service.

Locations: Kepayan Matambai

Operation: 6pm – 11pm

Contact No: 017-8923308

Siboguan Bogo Paradise 

An isolated food court that is located at Kampung Bahang. Apart from having various food served there, there is a burger stall called Siboguan Bogo which is quite popular among the residents there. They served various choices of Fat juicy home-made pork patty and creamy sauce as well. I would suggest for everyone to try out their TRIPPLE PATTY BUGRER which cost RM20 per burger. Although it can be quite pricey but trust me, the taste of it will definitely e wort it

Location: Kampung Bahang,

Operation: 6pm – 11pm

Contact No: 0168302478

The Mama’s Kitchen Sabah  

Yes Mama’s Kitchen is a food-truck based of burger but they were once started off their burger selling business through delivery. Of course, their burgers are home-made from the patty to its own sauce. They are quite active of rooming around KK city to serve their best burger to their customers. Their specialty is Buli ba kalua Kau sandwhich.

Location: Penampang

Operation: Normally start off at 3pm onwards

Contact No: 012-8026500

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