Linopot – Rice or mashed yam wrapped in leaves


Linopot is rice or mashed yam wrapped in leaves. Tarap tree leaves are usually used for linopod because of its size.

Linopot is very popular during the old days because villagers can easily bring their rice along to work at farm and jungle. It’s not easy to find linopot nowadays but you can see them during the celebration like the Harvest Festival or a food gathering of Kadazandusun people.

I was so excited to find linipot at Kampung Luanti, Ranau as they host us for familiarisation trip to Sabah Tea Garden and Kampung Luanti to know more about the tourism product here.




dishes served in bamboo wrapped with tarap leaves. Great way to present traditional dish




Where to get Linopot?

Linopot usually served during the festival or during traditional Sabahan wedding. However, some shops around do serve Linopot

1) Linopot Tuhau Facebook –

Accept order through Whatsapp, Check out their Facebook profile for more information

2) Rasa Borneo Restaurant

Address: C-G-17, Block C, HS Commercial Centre, off Jalan Penampang Baru
GPS Location: 5.9158764, 116.0977113




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