Heritage Food and Heritage Establishment in Kota Kinabalu


As part of the celebration of good foods for Sabah Food Awards 2016, Sabaheats invite Heritage Sabah as the panel for Heritage Food and Heritage Establishment in Sabah. What qualified as Heritage food? The food should be unique to Sabah and have a long history.

Heritage establishment should be a business which has been around for a long time and making a contribution to the society.

This collaboration is the first step for Heritage Sabah to documented the cultural heritage in Sabah.

Heritage Food: Tuaran Mee
Heritage foods

No one knows the creator of Tuaran mee but Lok Kyun Restaurant is one of the pioneers in Tuaran Mee. They made their own noodle and been serving Tuaran Mee for the past 40 + years. 

Heritage Establishment: Winner Hotel

Heritage foods

Winner Hotel Restaurant is over 60 years old now and it used to be a popular place for a wedding banquet. Over the time, hotels and bigger restaurant open in Kota Kinabalu and Winner Hotel Restaurant deem to be outdated and too small for a regular wedding banquet which easily demands over 50 tables.
The Hotel is managed by the 3rd generation of the Yong family and the restaurant is run by the old staffs who been working here for many years.

Want to know more about Heritage Sabah or have any information about Sabah Heritage? Contact Heritage Sabah at their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/heritagesabah/

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