1Tarap Fruit

Tarap is a native fruit found in Borneo Island and Philipines. Known for its strong aroma, Tarap is favorite fruits for the locals. The flesh is soft and creamy white. The seed can also is eaten by boiling it with hot water. Video on how to eat a Tarap at http://ilovesabah.info/2014/01/29/eat-tarap-sabah-style/


Breadfruit is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, as well as being a high source of gluten-free carbohydrate. Although breadfruit is a fruit, it is eaten as a starch. The fruit can be ground into flour and used to make pancakes and savory dishes. It is usually roasted and fried.

3Sabah Local Durian – Red and Orange Durians

With its long and curved spikes, Sabah local durian or better known as Dalit (red color fresh) and Sukang (Orange color fresh) are popular in Sabah. The texture and taste of the fruit are different from regular durian. Grow in the wild and not cultivated on a large scale, red and orange durians size is much smaller than durian and have a sharper spike.

4Bambangan fruit

Bambangan fruit is popular in Sabah, it is also known as wild mango because of its smells. It is usually made into a pickle or cooked with fish for its distinctive flavor. Jeruk Bambangan (bambangan prickle) is the favorite appetizer for Kadazan and Dusun tribe in Sabah.

Where to buy them?

Tarap, breadfruit, Bambangan fruit, red and orange durian can be found at Tamu. If you are lucky and the fruits are in season, you can find them at Gaya Street Sunday market.


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