Liang Yung Hua Restaurant 梁荣华饭店 (Restaurant Leong Wing Hua)- Papar famous roast pork

Liang Yun Fah papar
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Is there any good food in Papar? Most of people will tell you that there is nothing good to eat. We are surprise to know that there is an old shop at Papar famous for their roast pork. Liang Yun Fah 梁荣华饭店 has been around for more than 80 years now and the name is actually the name of the great grandfather who is originated from China. He bring together his recipe and been serving the famous roasted pork ever since. The shop is now operated by the 3rd and 4th generation.

Leong Yun Fah Papar

Liang Yun Fah is located directly opposite Cheng Wah primary school. It look like any other old coffee shop at Papar
Leong Yun Fah Papar

We were too early for their roast pork but just in time for their famous roast sausage. You can choose to serve it with rice or serve with dry noodle. It this the so call paper noodle?

Leong Yun Fah Papar

They also introduce us their Pork Trotters in Vinegar Stew. 

Leong Yun Fah Papar

Leong Yun Fah Papar

Location: Papar Town (Opposite Cheng Wah Primary School)

GPS Location: 5.735573N 115.9329942E

Contact no: Ah Lun 0165366971

Opening hour: 6am to 5pm

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