Where to find Hinava in Kota Kinabalu


Hinava is a traditional dish of Kadazan-Dusun people of Sabah. It is made from fresh raw fish and mixed with lime, salt, red chilli, sliced shallot and ginger. Hinava is also known as Raw fish salad and serve as an appetizer. Few types of fish can be used for hinava preparation and one of the most popular fish used is Mackerel. Hinava must be made with fresh fish. Hinava is served by mixing all the ingredients with fresh fish marinated in lime juice.

Looking for Hinava in Kota Kinabalu is not easy not many shops serve Hinava. If you looking for to taste Hinava, there are few shops around Kota Kinabalu serve Hinava.

1) Punya Sedap – Sabah native delicacies at ASquare Container Food Street

Punya Sedap is a food stall at ASquare Container Food Street serving Sabah Native delicacies.

Open: 5pm to 11pm daily

Location: No 4a, Jalan Centre Point, Lorong Api Api Centre
Kota Kinabalu (Between Promenade Hotel and Wawasan Plaza)



2) Asiarasa Cafe Citarasa Kampung

Asiarasa is a famous Malay restaurant at Karamunsing Capital serving an extensive Malay and local dishes. They serve a few varieties of Hinava such as Prawn Hinava and squid Hinava.

Address: D-0-3, Lorong Capital, Sabah, 88400 Kota Kinabalu
Phone: 088-447 533


3) D’Place Kinabalu

D’Place Kinabalu is a restaurant specialising in KadazanDusun food. They serve hinava as part of their dinner buffet menu. Traditional dances and performances are also performed daily during the buffet.

D’ Place Kinabalu

Location: Lot 2.01&2.02, 2nd floor, Plaza Shell

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Contact: +60 16-833 2381
Opening hours: 11am to 10.00pm



4) Grace Point Food Court

One of the stall at Grace Point food court serve traditional Sabah dish.

Location: Sembulan (Jalan Pantai Sembulan), 88000 Kota Kinabalu

GPS Location5.9615921N 116.0618877E

5) Mango Garden, Upside Down house

Take a visit to South East Asia first upside Down house and enjoy traditional Sabah food at the attached Mango Garden Cafe

Location: Mile 21, Jalan Telibong, Tamparuli

GPS Location6.1444723N 116.2542128E


6) Mee Sup Pipin, Kampung Inobong

Located 45 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu City Centre, Mee Sup Pipin is operated by local Kadazan and serve famous Sup Pipin. Serve hinava as part of their extensive and expanding menu.

Location: Kampung Inobong, Penampang-Tambunan Road

GPS Location5.9081754N 116.1322997E

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