6 Sabah Food Instagrammers you should follow if you love Sabah food


Want to know where to eat in Sabah? Follow these Instagrammer and start your food journey in Sabah. The Instagrammers mostly base in Kota Kinabalu but they also share foods from other places.

1) @kotakinabalueats

One of the pioneer Instagrammer sharing purely foods on its Instagram account. The photos are so pretty that you feel hungry immediately after scrolling through the account.

2)  @sabaheats

Surely we have to mention Sabaheats as we have been sharing our foods on Instagram for the past 3 years. Sabaheats share food photos from around Sabah and also from our travels

3) @foodpsabah

a newcomer to Sabah food Instagramming and his style of food photography capture many imagination.

4) @catherinejoannev

Consistently share food photos from her travel and Kota Kinabalu.

5) Aliceng61

You know there is good food when @aliceng61 is around. Photos taken using iPhone only.


Frankie have been blogging about Sabah Food photos for many years and posting food photos on Instagram mostly nowadays.

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I cook, I eat and I always looking for good food!


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