DIY Mango Body Scrub

sabaheats beauty

Have extra mangoes or wanting a personal Mango scrub. Why not make your own Body scrub. all Materials can easily found in Sabah

sabaheats beauty

Raw material :

1/2 cup Brown Sugar

Borneo Virgin Coconut Oil (to thicken the scrub)

1/4 Chopped Raw Mango

3 drops of orange essential oil

4 easy steps to enjoy Mango Scrub

1) Combine 1/2 cup raw sugar with Borneo Virgin coconut oil

2) Add chopped raw mango and a 3-4 drops of orange essential oil. mash everything together using blender.

3) Add more sugar or Borneo Virgin Coconut oil until you get a thick, goopy consistency that’s not too runny.

4) Hop in the shower and use your hands to apply. Scrubbing in a circular motion, start at your feet and work your way up.



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