New Android App Unlocks Local Food For Tourists


Users explore local cuisine with over 900 Malay dishes and food translations


A new Android app is enabling tourists from around the world to explore the delicious cuisine of Malaysia in more depth than ever before. FoodTranslator, available in the Google Play Store for free, contains over 900 descriptions of local dishes and translations of food words and phrases from Malay to English. The app allows users to translate menus and order at restaurants, communicate with vendors at markets, shops and stores, and discover obscure delights of the Malaysian kitchen.

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FoodTranslator’s in depth coverage of regional cuisine allows users to explore native specialties in a variety of geographical and cultural areas, including Malay, Malay Chinese, Javanese, Nyonya, Sabahan, Sarawakian, and Malaysian Indian. It includes basic food vocabulary, useful phrases, and descriptions of dishes, and allows the user to search in both English and Malay. The app is fully functional offline, without a data connection, unlike many other translation apps, and uses only a small amount of storage and data on the phone. FoodTranslator offers food and dish translations in Malay, Spanish and German, with more languages to come soon. It intends to be the one go-to app for foodies to discover new foods in their travels worldwide.


“I love to explore local food specialties when I am traveling. Often, without a knowledgeable local guide, it is hard to really find out about the great things the locals are eating, and so often at restaurants or markets they think you just want the same thing the tourists regularly order. I wanted a way to really get beyond nasi goreng, roti’s, and mee goreng,” Alex Sorenson, a chef from New York, and the creator of FoodTranslator said about its inspiration. “Now I can dig into things like tempoyak, otak-otak, or hinava.”

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FoodTranslator plans to increase their coverage of Southeast Asian cuisine, with Indonesian to be included next. FoodTranslator is published by Blank Slate Culinary and is available on the Google Play Store at for free. Blank Slate Culinary provides chef consulting services and publishes a food travel blog,

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