How to make lihing and cook Lihing Chicken



Lihing, Sabah’s very own rice wine is an important drinks for Sabahan. For KadazanDusun, Lihing, accompany every celebrations and rites. Lihing is an integral part of the lives of Sabah’s ethnic groups.

The process to make lihing is same as making Tapai. Lihing is made using sticky rice (Glutinous rice) because sticky rice produce more water.

Two important ingredients for making Lihing: Glutinous rice and Sasad (Yeast)

Steps to make Lihing:

  1. boil the sticky rice
  2. Spread out the rice and wait till it cool down
  3. Mix in the Sasad (yeast), Mix Well and make sure all the rice is coated with the yeast powder.
  4. Put the rice into a jar and cover it.
  5. Wait for 3 months and you will get Lihing.

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WIth the lihing, you can cook Sabah Rice Wine Chicken.

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