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Kota Kinabalu coffee cafe is booming and this year we already seen the opening of The B Side, East Bound Cafe and Print Cafe.

We are really delighted to know that a new Cafe has taken over the cafe at CAD Centre Design and Art. The previous cafe is a big disappointment as the quality is inconsistent. The name of the new cafe is INCH Coffee Movement. Operated by 3 young owners, INCH coffee movement have a big ambition for a new cafe. They aim to introduce specialty coffee to Kota Kinabalu market and coffee class and workshop are also in the planning.

Sabaheats rating on INCH Coffee Movement


inch coffee movement kota kinabalu

The interior are pretty much untouched. They only start operating on 10th of November and the place is looks a bit dull, something they should easily improve in the near future

inch coffee movement kota kinabalu

inch coffee movement kota kinabalu


The most important part of a cafe is the coffee, and it certainly did’t disappoint. Their latte is rich & creamy, with good dense coffee flavour. The Mocha is a rich blend of coffee and chocolate. The latte art look good too.

inch coffee movement kota kinabalu

Latte cost RM 10 and hot Mocha cost RM11

inch coffee movement kota kinabalu

There are limited offering at INCH coffee movement as they are concentrating on providing the best cup of coffee possible. Our review might not be accurate at the time being as they are operating for few days but we can see they really emphasise on their coffee. If you really love coffee, come and try INCH coffee movement and see if its suite your tastebud.

Inch Coffee moved to their new location at Perdana Park since early 2016.

Location :Perdana Park, Tanjung Aru .

Opening hour : 2pm to 10pm (close on Monday)

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