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Nunpat which literally mean red bean shaved ice in Korean Language is the latest dessert cafe in Kota Kinabalu. We heard a a lot about Korean shaved ice dessert before and we finally got to experience Korean desire cafe right here in Kota Kinabalu. Nunpat offer good selection of patbingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert), coffee & tea and red bean dessert.

Nunpat Oceanus Mall Kota Kinabalu
Nunpat Oceanus Mall Kota Kinabalu

Great and clean interior design with good natural lighting

Nunpat Oceanus Mall Kota Kinabalu
Nunpat Oceanus Mall Kota Kinabalu
Nunpat Oceanus Mall Kota Kinabalu

Patgi Bingsu RM 15.80. Patbingsu, Pat means adzuki beans(Asian red beans), Bing meas ice, Su means water. Perfect dessert during hot weather days. Finely shave ice topped with sweet adzuki beans and marshmallow

Nunpat Oceanus Mall Kota Kinabalu

Red Bean Latte RM10.30.  Red bean latte is thick after being made into bean milk, combination with soy beans transform to an indulgent, creamy latte beverage. The Owner, Mr Kim is very confident with their coffee as he himself is a coffee lover.

Nunpat Oceanus Mall Kota Kinabalu

 13oz Cafe Latte RM10.30. Nunpat source extensive and varied selection of specialty coffees from Kuala Lumpur.

Nunpat Oceanus Mall Kota Kinabalu

Banana apple vinegar RM9.80

Nunpat Oceanus Mall Kota Kinabalu

While some may find the price is on the high side, Nunpat insist on using natural ingredients in their products. The taste of every desserts and foods on the menu taste original and tasty. More offering is in the planning to satisfy the sweetest sweet tooth.

Location: G-37, ground Floor, Oceanus Mall (beside Starbucks facing sea)

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  1. On several occasion, the place would be filled with some hopeful still queuing. I went there for the new year and it was crowded. The place is a perfect hangout especially when it’s almost sunset.

    A question. Is Mr.Kim the Chinese guy who manage the cafe? 😀


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