Food tasting at Tasty Wok – Venition Club


You may have drive pass Venition Club at Jalan Lintas (Formerly known as Venitian club) numerous time but do you know they serve good Chinese foods at Tasty Wok Restaurant inside the same building? We are privilege to be invited by Venition Club to have a food tasting session at Tasty Wok, Chinese Restaurant inside Venition Club building

tofu tasty wok venition club

Golden sand Tofu (Kim Sha tofu) . Chef made tofu with crispy topping. My favourite dish for the day

tasty wok venition club

tasty wok venition club

Black pepper lamb

tasty wok venition club

salted egg prawn. Big prawn fried with butter to perfection


tasty wok venition club

Tasty Wok fried rice. Fried rice with butter chicken with an egg on top.

tasty wok venition club

Tasty taiwan chicken (三杯鸡)

tasty wok venition club

black bean kuey teow with beef

tasty wok venition club

our feast for the day.

Tasty Wok at Venition club provide a great place to dine and the Chinese food selections is extensive. Chinese desserts are also in the planning. If you looking for a cosy and convenient place for Chinese food, Tasty Wok is the place to visit.

Location : Venetian Club

Jalan Lintas, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

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