Aki Sushi – modern Japanese dining by Sabahan


Aki means autumn in Japanese and also mean “grandfathers and every male ancestor of the past” for the Kadazandusun people of Sabah.

Aki Sushi brings modern Japanese dining to Kota Kinabalu citizens at Plaza 333, Donggongon bypass. Aki Sushi is more than just sushi! Aki Sushi offers both Traditional and Modern Japanese cuisine including Soups, Noodle Dishes, Katsu, Teriyaki Chicken and Beef, Tempura, Ramen, Donburi and much, much more!

Aki Sushi

Aki Sushi

Aki Sushi Plaza 333

Best seat in the restaurant. Aki Sushi is compact and can seat up to 90+ people at one time (inside and outside seating)

Aki Sushi Plaza 333

Aki Sushi Plaza 333

Katsuo Tataki sushi. Food tasting at @akisushimalaysia before their opening tomorrow.

Aki Sushi Gindara Teri Don 2016-01-29 20.50.23

Buta Kaku ni. Kyushu style braised pork. A must for pork lover.

2016-01-29 21.22.41 Yose Nabe (hot pot set) YAKI BUTA   Yaki Buta (Japanese style Cha Siu)  Aki Sushi   Wagyu Teppan  

Aki Sushi   Buta Niku  Udon and Soba available during lunch and dinner   Aki Sushi

Green Tea dessert

Aki Sushi

Location: Lot 7, Block A, Lorong Plaza 333-1, Plaza 333, Kobusak Commercial Centre

GPS Location: 5.9243924, 116.0768437

Opening hours:

11am to 2.30pm

6pm to 10pm


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