We heard that the actual wine glass affects the taste of the wine. Not that I care as I try drinking Wine from a plastic cup before when I can’t bother to look for a proper wine glass.

Apparently, the wine glass does affect the wine’s taste. How do I choose the right glass and which glass is suitable for which wine? Choosing the correct wine glass is a little bit of science and a little bit of personal opinion.  It involves knowing something about the wine itself and which glass is said to optimize that grape’s characteristics.

Riedel crystal wine glass

Wine tasting session with Riedel wine glasses.

We have the chance to learn more about Wine glasses at AsiaEuro, the official distributor for Riedel, We were invited AsiaEuro sommelier, Florentine Rieu to know more about how wine glass affects the taste of wine.

To appreciate the personality of different grape varieties and the subtle character of the wine, it is essential to have an appropriately fine-tuned glass shape. The shape is responsible for the following of the wine and consequently where it touches the various taste zones of the tongue. The initial point of contact depends on the shape and volume of the glass, the diameter of the rim, and its finish and well as the thickness of the crystal.

As you put your wine glass to your lips, your taste buds are on alert. Once the tongue is in contact with the wine, their message is transmitted at the same time: temperature, texture, and taste.

Wine is composed of different elements: fruits, acidity, mineral components, tannin, and alcohol. The combination of the sense of smell and taste leads into the wonderful world of flavor.

Riedel crystal wine glass

Wine tasting room at Vino Vino Plaza 333

Riedel crystal wine glass

Beautiful crystal glass

Riedel crystal wine glass

Riedel crystal wine glass

Riedel crystal wine glass

We tried the wine using glass wine and then we pour the wine into a normal plastic cup. The wine tastes terrible when drinking from the plastic cup as the shape of the cup effect how the wine connects with our tongue.

A different wine glass is suitable for different types of wine. To really get the most out of good wine, though, you should pick your wine glass with care and attention. The more care you give to buying and tasting wine, the more care you should give to having the right wine glasses.

image from Winefolly.com
image from Winefolly.com

To know more about Riedel Wine glass, Contact AsiaEuro at +088486868

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