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Check In Dining is the first Flight-Concept Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu. We are really excited to see another addition of Cafe in Sabah especially Check In which come with a very unique theme.  We drop by during the afternoon after the lunch crowd and have the whole place for ourselves.  [yasr_overall_rating size=”large”] [yasr_visitor_votes size=”large”] The interior of the restaurant is renovated to look like interior of the plane and there are also plane window and emergency door at the side. The menu and order slip also consistent with the theme.

Sabaheats rating on Check In Dining

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check in dining marketplace 88

check in dining marketplace 88

panna cotta

One of the most interesting food on the menu. Check-in Dining version of Panna Cotta. It is certainly very creative and eye catchy as it look like a pot of plant. The taste?  a bit bland and plasticky for our liking.  A perfect Panna cotta should have just enough that it seems the cream is barely holding together. It quivers when you touch it. Check in’s version feel stiff and cheesy. 

panna cotta
look like a plant but its actually Panna cotta

club sandwich

The club sandwich is well done with tender chicken meat. Overall its well presented and taste good

grill chicken

Generous portion of grill chicken flooded with lots of sauce. Would be lovely if they keep the sauce in sauce separated. Not everyone like their grill chicken “wet”

Overall, Check in Dining is a refreshing dining experience in Kota Kinabalu and they certainly bring a lot of new ideas. Price is reasonable with good variety of food on the menu. So if you feel like have fun with your food, then you can consider check in at Check In Dining.


Location :
Block E, Lot 3,
Lorong Pusat Komersil 88/2,
88 Marketplace,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 088-221152

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