Kopi Botol (Kopi Sejuk) – Cheap Coffee fix for Sabahan


Kopi Botol is unique coffee drinks found in Sabah. Kopi Botol is favorite traditional drinks for the locals and served cold. Few coffee shops at Inanam area serve Kopi Botol and some locals call it Kopi Sejuk.  Best served with fresh buns and pastries.

kopi botol

kopi botol

Kopi Botol is actually  Kopi O served in a recycled beer bottle. Beer Bottle is used during the old days because it is cheap and easily available. Hard labors  need Kopi O as their energy drinks and they usually bring their own Kopi Botol. Kopi Botol becomes a traditional drinks in Sabah and still enjoyed by Sabahan at local kopitiam (coffee shop)

where to find Kopi Botol?

– Kantin Bakut

– Coffee shops at Inanam town area (Kedai Kopi Sin Hin across Basel Church Inanam)


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