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There are a time when we lazy to go out to find food and wish that the restaurants in Kota Kinabalu provide food delivery service. One such company is Alu-Alu Kitchen who provide Free Delivery to selected places around Kota Kinabalu. Alu-Alu is famous for their organic produce from their own farm and I am so happy to know they provide delivery service for free!

Alu Alu now do food delivery for lunch and dinner!

My favorite dish at Alu-Alu Kitchen is their Wa Tan Ho and Chinese herbs and yam soup.

Terms and conditions of Alu-Alu Kitchen delivery service

– Alu Alu only provides delivery during the lunch time and all the order must be made before 11am.

– While most of the places are free from delivery charge, You will be charged from Rm4.50 per delivery depending on your area.

– Payment upon delivery by cash only.

– No minimum order applicable

– Alu Alu serve no pork

alu alu new1

alu alu new2
Flyers of the delivery menu are available at Alu Alu Kitchen, Else please refer to the menu above.

Alu Alu delivery

The delivery reached my home at 12pm, just the right time for me to have my lunch. The foods are packed nicely in containers and the soup and noodle are separated to prevent the noodles become soggy.

Alu Alu delivery

Alu Alu delivery

My happy lunch with Wa tan ho and Chinese herbs and Yam soup serve with mee hoon. My 2 favorite foods at Alu-Alu Kitchen.

Alu-Alu Kitchen delivery order hotline:
088- 230842

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