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CAMACA, means, “C” initial such as chocolate, coffee, ice-cream, cake, and cookie; A means Grade “A” products, “MA” denotes motherly love. CAMACA started from a cocoa farm in Taiwan. The company develops assorted chocolate confectioneries and maintains its products to be organic, homemade and low calories. They are bound to become the new chocolate trend with exquisite taste and low burden on the tummy.

CAMACA Malaysia
After three years of investing and preparing, CAMACA opened their first flagship store in Imago Mall. CAMACA ready to show the world  that sweets and health can co-exist harmoniously.

CAMACA Malaysia

CAMACA Malaysia

True to their “C”, they serve chocolate, coffee, ice-cream, and cookie. The signature products at CAMACA is their chocolate which is made using raw chocolate. Raw chocolate” is chocolate that has not been processed, heated, or mixed with other ingredients and hence it’s more healthy. 

CAMACA Malaysia
According to Leo, he told us why his insistence on using the best ingredient that satisfies your palate without compromising your health.

CAMACA open for business 3 years ago at Taiwan and their CEO put in a lot of effort to build his products and team to be ready for expansion.

CAMACA Malaysia

Nama Chocolate is made of high-quality natural chocolate and whipped cream with thick, rich, smooth and silky texture where the crucial part is the technique and ingredients used while blending in whipped cream, and there lies the unique skills and expertise of our chocolate chef and patissier!

CAMACA Malaysia

Ingredients, figure, and size, every aspect is keenly examined from all angles to enhance the melt-in-the-mouth palate.


CAMACA Malaysia
Silky smooth, melt in your mouth sensation with a pleasant after-taste.


Location: G-51, Imago Mall

Opening hours: 10 am to 10 pm daily

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