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what makes Winecellars unique?

we are passionate about what we do and we have a team of professionals to run the business. We are all WSET certified ( Wine and Spirit Educational Fund).  That is the minimum requirements for the company.

Where do you look for new wines?

traveling is always a good start to find something unique and bringing it back to Malaysia to share with everyone.

What wines could you recommend for someone who typically stays away from wine and who only drinks Shandy?

Since Shandy is a light beverage and slightly sweet, we would always recommend a new wine drinker a bottle of Lambrusco as its also light in alcohol ( average 8%)

Wine is born in the vine but a closer examination into the Sabahan soil reveals that the rise of wine is cropping up in newly wine shops and wine bars. How difficult is it to produce a vineyard in Sabah?

A well-balanced wine needs a combination of many factors.  One must have the right terroir which means the right climate, soil, terrain, region and tradition.
A 20-year-old something’s wine knowledge more or less begins with the accessibility of cheaper wines such as Jacob’s Creek, Vella and Fat Bastard.

What types of wine can you recommend for a younger generation that would like to expand their wine knowledge?

I started with a bottle of Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon 25 years ago!  It has left an impression with me for a very long time.  The wine is always consistent and it’s not too difficult to drink and comprehend.

The coolest wine bars these days are turning up with wine on tap (in metal kegs). Are kegs our future? The hipsters think so.

It could be the future but wine is a mystique drink as every bottle is a living thing.  It’s always a pleasure to drink wine out of the bottle.

Are food and wine pairings meant to be serious?

Wine is meant to be shared with friends and there is no strict rule to say that red wine must be paired with red meats and white wine with white meats.  Be adventurous and match your wines with anything that you like.  You will be amazed to experience the new flavors that explode in your mouth!

Meng Tan – Founder of “Winecellars”



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