Borneo Cuisine at Sabah Tea Garden


Sabah Tea Garden offer a wide range of Team building activities, outdoor games, and jungle trekking but most importantly for foodies, Sabah Tea Garden serve some of the most authentic and delicious Borneo cuisines.

Borneo Cuisine varies from place to place as Borneo Island consist of Sabah, Sarawak, and Kalimantan(Indonesia). Sabah Tea Garden interpretation of Borneo Cuisine is by serving some of the traditional foods of Kadazan-Dusun which are the majorities in Sabah.

According to GM of Sabah Tea, Mr. Martin Kong. Sabah Tea Garden looking to provide authentic Borneo experience at Sabah Tea Garden they take much care to create a menu which truly represents Sabah. The Chef and the crews are locals and they certainly know their foods more than anyone.

The Menu may change from time to time as some of the vegetables and ingredients are seasonal.

Sabah Tea Garden

Hinava. made from fish and mixed with lime juice,Chilli padi, slice shallots and grated gingers.

Sabah Tea Garden

Tuhau Beef. Tuhau is a type of wild ginger. You either will love it or hate the taste first time trying it but. The tuhau surprisingly goes well with fried beef. Truly Sabahan dish.
Sabah Tea Garden

Ayam Kampung Ranau Masak Kicap (Ranau Chicken cook with dark sauce)

Sabah Tea Garden

Sayur campuran Ranau (Ranau Mix vegetables)
Sabah Tea Garden

Fish with Bambangan madu. Bambangan is a type of wild mango but with a strong smell and  excessive fiber in its flesh. Bambangan usually made into pickle and cook with fish.Sabah Tea Garden

fresh made tea pancakes with Honey for dessert
Sabah Tea GardenA meal at Sabah Tea Garden always ends with lots of tropical fruits. If durian is your thing, then time your visit well in coincidence with the durian season at Ranau.

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