Kedai Kopi Baru Bar Lok Yuen, Sandakan


Kedai Kopi Bar Lock Yuen has been serving buns and pastries at Sandakan for over 50 years old. They started further up Jalan Bokara 50 years ago and move to current location 40 years ago. The old aunty still around taking care of the cashier while her son now running the business. We were introduced to this old shop by the locals, they are famous for their homemade red bean paste and roasted crushed peanut mixed with sugar

Kedai Kopi Baru Bar Lock Yuen renowned for their signature buns,  red bean paste bun with kaya and butter with roasted crushed peanut mixed with sugar bun. The combination may be a bit weird but it tastes really good and the buns are perfectly made.
Kedai Kopi Baru Bar Lock Yuen

Kedai Kopi Baru Bar Lock Yuen

cold butter and roasted crushed peanut mixed with sugar combination. The texture reminds us of pancake but it comes in the form of a bun.Sandakan

Instead of kaya with red bean combination, we opted for cold butter with red bean combination. A bit too oily for my liking. The best combination is the highly recommended red bean with kaya version.

Location: Pasir Putih, Jalan Bokara (facing the road about with Fish)

GPS Location: 5.8235052N 118.0820364E

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