All new Fish & Fries at McDonald’s

McDonald's Fish & Fries sabah

Hot on the heels of several exciting menu items offered for a limited time over the last few months, McDonald’s Malaysia has yet again cast its proverbial net far and wide to tantalize customers’ palate with its all-new Fish & Fries meal.

Inspired by one of Great Britain’s iconic dishes — the fish and chips — McDonald’s Fish & Fries is sure to whet the appetite of seafood lovers. The tempura battered whole fish fillet is cooked to golden perfection, and served with McDonald’s world-famous fries plus a tangy and creamy tartar sauce on the side. With such tantalizing flavours, there’s no doubt customers will be hooked at the first bite.

“Our Fish & Fries is a limited time offer and part of McDonald’s ongoing effort to provide customers with more menu options. It complements the popular Filet-O-Fish which is part of our core menu, hence offering another choice to customers who prefer fish over other types of proteins like chicken and beef,” said McDonald’s Malaysia managing director and operating partner, Azmir Jaafar.

Offering choice and variety in McDonald’s menu items is in line with the restaurant’s mission to continuously strive to respond to the changing needs of customers through constant innovation and experimentation.

“While our research shows chicken is the most popular choice of protein as evident by the popularity of our Ayam Goreng McD, fish provides an option for those who want to take a break from having chicken or beef as part of their daily diet,” added Azmir.

McDonald’s Fish & Fries meal is available for a limited time and customers can dive in for the fresh taste beginning from November 23, 2017 until January 3, 2018, or while stocks lasts.

The Fish & Fries meal is available at RM12.95 for a 1-piece Fish & Fries meal set and RM17.95 for a 2-piece Fish & Fries meal set. Meals are served with Coke.

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