Best local supper spot in Kota Kinabalu to beat those late-night cravings

kota kinabalu supper

Who doesn’t love a second dinner where we all best know it as ‘supper’? Instead of going to fast food restaurant for supper, why not enjoy the supper at local spots where you can enjoy delicious and popular local dishes.

Check out these restaurants that are still open even after bedtime in KK.

KK City area

1Fook Yuen

The first Fook Yuen was open in Damai food court where they are well-known with their freshly-baked hot buns, coffees and teas, the typical Malaysian breakfast menu. Now that they have expanded their branches in KK, it is easier for everyone to try out!

Fook Yuen in Gaya Street is always packed with customers. They open as early as 6:30am until as late as 1am. The restaurant is very spacious and comfortable, arranged with round marble table. They also provide free Wi-Fi.

People always come here for breakfast before work and chill here late at night. At night, people come here to fill their stomach with their cheap meals and pastries. They serve economy foods such as fried noodles, chicken wings, meatballs, mixed vegetables and many more. They also serve fresh and thick Dim Sum with a cheap price. When you are here, you gotta try their delicious toast bread with a hot coffee!

Address: Jalan Gaya, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Opening hour: 6:30am-1am

2KK Food Street

Serve Penang street food and local food behind Cowboy Bar KK, Asia City, Kota Kinabalu. Just a few steps from Cititel Express, Hilton Hotel & Shell Plaza.
Address: Asia City, Kota Kinabalu

Opening hours: 24 hours



Foh Sang

3Diamond Restaurant

Diamond Restaurant is an old restaurant with no frill venue, complete with 1970’s decor from when the restaurant was new. Serve local Chinese cuisines such as crispy fried chicken served with plum powder, steamed fish, pai kuat wong (king spare ribs) sweet & sour fish, and more.

Address: Lot No 1, Luyang Phase 3

Opening hours: 5pm to 2am


4Kedai Kopi How Lee

Great for porridge or kon lau mee. Their “must try” deep fried pork intestines complement the porridge very well.

Address: No. S-26, Lorong Mawas 1, Jalan Kolam, Taman Foh Sang, Luyang

Opening hours: 6pm to 3am




5Daily Restaurant

If you wake up at midnight feeling hungry, this is one of the places to go feed your growling stomach. They serve prawn noodle with tauge, eggs and dried taufu. It looks spicy but still manageable, which is good for someone who doesn’t eat spicy food. You can ask for extra spicy too if you are a fan of chili.

Address: Taman Foh Sang

Opening hours: 24 hours


6Kedai Kopi Kuan Onn 坤铵茶餐厅

This coffee shop is busy with customers and getting a table is hard. People come for their Hokkien Mee and KL style Yong Tau foo.

Address: Lot 32-0, Ground Floor, Lorong Lintas Square, Lintas Plaza

Opening hours: 6.30pm to 3am



7Kedai Kopi Jia Siang

Locals love their noodles and they even had their favorite Sang Nyuk Mian (Pork noodle) for supper. Kedai Kopi Jia Siang opens from morning till late night and you can satisfy your craving for a bowl of pork any time of the day.

Address: Lot 1-0, Lintas Plaza, Lorong 3, Lintas Plaza Ring Road

Opening hours: 8am to 2am



8Kedai Kopi Mui Vui 永建成茶室

Auntie Mei Chee famous dumplings (wo tie and Sui kau) and also grill seafood and beef. There are also a variety of noodle dishes available from the usual Chinese fares like Cantonese-style fried flat rice noodles (wa tan ho), and the Tuaran Mee.

Address: 2, Lorong Gunung Ulu Merak 2, Taman Far East

Opening hours: 6pm to 1am




9Lido food square

Vegetable market in the morning, food market at night. Lido food square is ready to feed the supper hunters! They have everything that you need, from halal to non-halal.

There are many stalls to choose from. You can get food such as dumplings, fried food, lok lok, kuih penjaram, satay, economy noodle, chicken rice, hot pot dishes and many more!

The place is an open area where you get to see your food being cooked by the chef at their own kitchen at their stall.

Opening hours: 24 hours

Lido food,

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