Mee Sup Pipin – ordinary but unforgettable Sabah flavour


Have you eaten something ordinary yet unforgettable? What Sabah food will you recommend to your friends without hesitation?

Located at Dongonggong, Penampang 30 minutes drive away from Kota Kinabalu, Mee sup Pipin is the favorite noodle among the locals there. Mee Sup Pipin literally mean soup noodle by Pipin.

The shop is located just beside the main road to Tambunan and looks just like an ordinary village house.  The sign board ” Mee Sup Pipin” ensure that we are at the right place and we can see there is a Mee Sup Pipin and Mee Sup Pipin 1 side by side in the same area. Both of them serving the same food and operated by their families.

We order a bowl of noodle soup each with all pig spare parts. We were surprised how ordinary looking our bowl of noodle is considering how famous Mee Sup pippin is.  The soup is clear with the sweetness of pork meat. The pork meat and spare parts are cooks to perfection. Every one of us finishes our bowl of noodles feeling happy.

Sabaheats rating on Mee Sup Pipin

mee sup pipin

ordinary but delicious bowl of pork noodle. They also serve Yong Tau foo and braised chicken feet.

mee sup pipin

mee sup pipin

mee sup pipin

mee sup pipin

We keep thinking of going back for a bowl of Mee Sup Pipin after our first visit. If you ask me what so special about Mee sup Pipin, I would say this ordinary soup noodle bring out the best taste of pork meat. This ordinary Mee Sup Pipin is one of the top recommended Sabah food for my visiting friends!


*Mee sup Pipin have another branch at Taman Khidmat.

Mee Sup Pipin Penampang
Address: Kampung Inobong, Jalan Penampang Tambunan, 89500 Penampang

GPS Location5.9081754N 116.1322997E

Mee Sup Pipin Taman Khidmat

Address:  Taman khidmat (Lorong pokok seraya 5a), 88300 Kota Kinabalu

GPS Location: 5.9633767N 116.1113087E

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