Wun Chiap Restaurant – Best Tamparuli noodle in Tamparuli


Tamparuli town is located on the road to Mount Kinabalu and Sandakan and is a perfect place to stopover for food. Many people may be heard of Tuaran Mee which originated from Tuaran town which located just a few kilometers away but may not know Tamparuli town is famous for its noodle too.

Restaurant Wun Chiap is one of the shops you must stop by if you looking for Tamparuli mee.  It is located near SJK (C) Chung Hwa Tamparuli (担波罗里中华国民型华文学校).

tamparuli wun chiap restaurant

tamparuli wun chiap restaurant

typical coffee shop decoration inside Restaurant Wun Chiap

tamparuli friend mee

This is what a Tamparuli mee look like. It looks like Tuaran Mee but the texture and taste are slightly different. I can feel the texture of the noodle is more springy but less egg taste compares to Tuaran Mee. A place of Tamparuli mee cost RM5.

tamparuli friend mee

tamparuli wun chip eat

They also serve Choi sim with rice. A plate of Choi sim cost only RM4.50! much cheaper compare to Kota Kinabalu price.

tamparuli wun chip eat

tamparuli wun chiap restaurant

tamparuli wun chiap restaurant

For those prefer soupy noodle. You can opt for the Loh Mee. When we first taste it, we thought the cook forgot to put in salt as its tasteless. The uncle told us to mix the Loh Mee as the salt is at bottom of the bowl.

tamparuli mee

Sabahan love Kon Lau Mee (dry stirred noodle) and Wun Chiap serve Kon lau mee too. One type of noodle with a different type of serving. always something for everyone.

Opening hour : 9:30am to 5pm daily

Location : located at Tamparuli Town center. Near to SJK (C) Chung Hwa Tamparuli (担波罗里中华国民型华文学校).

GPS Location : 6°8′0″N 116°16′0″E

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  1. Went there for the first time few hours ago and I would say their service was below my expectation. I had to share table with strangers as there was no available table for myself alone. I was okay with that. I ordered drink & their so called famous noodle. My drink served quite fast but after 20 minutes of waiting for the food to come, I got pissed off and paid only for the drink. When I told them “Just forget about the food I’ve ordered earlier”, that time only she realized they missed my order. I said forget it! And I left. Guys do not worry cause as long as you’re Chinese, they’ll serve you fast, they even came late but still got served with their food. I find it funny yet feel so unfortunate as although I have the C look but I can’t speak the language. Now am gonna blame myself. Goodbye and enjoy your noodles lol


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