Where to celebrate birthday in Kota Kinabalu (non Hotel)

Tavern Kitchen & Bar
Tavern Kitchen & Bar

by: Mona Lee

Celebrating a birthday in Hotel can be pricey and come with requirements. If you are planning to celebrate your birthday other than in Hotels around KK, here are the suggestions of places for you to consider. These restaurant and café are suitable for Kids and adult’s birthday celebration and offer good ambiance and cozy environment for gathering and celebration. Some of the listed places may serve pork and alcohol. Here I listed 15  places for you to celebrate the coming birthday.

Party Play 

Party play offers chilling and fun atmosphere and suitable for teenagers or young adults’.  They do serve beers and provide live band upon request. The price is reasonable and they usually provide more than enough foods. The owner usually follows up the part personally and set up the decoration in the restaurant together with their staffs.

Location: 117 Jalan Gaya Street 

Contact No: 088-311210

Business Hour: Monday – Sunday (11.30am – 1am) 

Souled out 

Souled out provide a good place to celebrate your birthday in Shopping Mall. There are two sections of the areas for you to choose, indoor or outdoor area. Both areas are good for celebration and the waiter will help you with the decoration. The price range for the catering is quite pricey but it’s worth it because the food is good.

Location: Lot No-G-101-78, Ground Floor Imago Mall 

Contact No: 0168299268

Business Hour: Monday – Sunday (12pm – 2am) 

Chill out at Souled out Imago Mall. listening to live band while waiting for Badminton final. GO malaysia??

Little Italy 

Good place for a simple birthday party. The menu can be adjusted to your preference or you can order from the menu.  Pizza is highly recommended. Little Italy is suitable for birthday celebration of all age.

Location: Hotel Capital, Jalan Haji Saman, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Gaya Street

Contact No: 088-232231

Business Hour: Monday – Sunday (10.3-pm – 121pm) 



Mad Ben 

Experience in handling birthday party. They can arrange the table and seating arrangement according to a number of guests.  The lamb and burrito are highly recommended.

Location: 121, Jalan Gaya, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu, 88000 Kota Kinabalu 

Contact No: 088-255073

Business hour: Monday – Friday (11am – 11pm) and Saturday – Sunday (5pm – 11pm)


Chopping Block

Contemporary interior design and spacious space, Chopping board offers a perfect location for a birthday celebration. The staffs are friendly and the food price is reasonable. They can do special menu according to your preferences but I strongly suggest everyone try out their beef burger and smoked salmon pizza.

Location: 6, Lorong Dewan, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu, 88000 KK, Sabah 

Contact No: 088-255492

Business hour: Tuesday – Sunday (11am – 11.30pm) and closed every Monday

Chiu’s – The modern local 

The design of the place is neat and simple, especially with the glass window concept. If you plan on doing a simple and not more than 10 pax type of birthday celebration, Why is because the surrounding of the area looks fun already even if you have minimal decoration on your table and less pax. Chiu’s provide western and Italian dish and the risotto is good.

Location: Shop D-G-8, 88 Market Place, Lorong Komersil 88/2, Kepayan 

Contact No: 016-8104858

Business hour: Monday – Sunday (10am – 11am) and closed every Tuesday 

Jacknife Bar & Grill

The waiter and waitresses are friendly and the service is excellent. They offer pork dishes and their pork chop is highly recommended. The ambiance inside the restaurant is good with ample lighting

Location: Plaza 333, Kobusak Commercial Centre. Lot 47, Ground Floor, Block F, Lorong Plaza 333-5 

Contact No: 088-731208

Business hour: Monday – Saturday (3pm – 11pm) except Sunday

Nook Café 

Besides serving coffee, Nook’s also serve good food. The space inside Nook Cafe is a limited but it’s a good place to have a small birthday party with friends.

Location: Australia place 8, Lorong Dewan, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 

Contact No: 088-210730

Business hour: Monday – Sunday (8am – 10pm) 

Pusas the smokehouse

A restaurant specializes in serving pork dishes. The restaurant is spacious and suitable for a birthday celebration with family members. pork burger, hotdog and grill pork is a must.

Location: Ground Floor, S6, Jalan Signal Hill park, the Peak Vista, 88400 Kota Kinabalu

Contact No: 088-299199

Business hour: Monday – Sunday (11am – 11pm) 


Their new outlet at Kolombong is a good place to celebrate a birthday with a small group of friends. They can provide simple birthday menu upon request.

Location: Kolombong, beside BSA

Contact No: 088-299199

Business hour: Monday & Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday (9.30am – 10pm) 


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