Kinarut Beach Cheese at Langkah Syabas Beach Resort and Rojak at Membakut Old Town


I heard about the Kinarut Beach Cheese at Langkah Syabas Beach Resort and the Membakut Old Town for quite some time but never have the chance to explore and try the locally produced cheese. On one fine Sunday, We decide to explore the south part of Kota Kinabalu city and explore the Membakut Old town.

after about 20 minutes drive, we reached Langkah Syabas Beach Resort. Langkah Syabas Beach Resort is the first in Sabah to produce their own cheese.

Kinarut Beach Cheese

Cheese making beside the sea. The cheese making facilities is located at the left on the photo above.

Kinarut Beach CheeseTheir cheese is known as Kinarut Beach Cheese. They offer Deep fried Brie or Camembert and Cheese & Biscuit Bris or Camembert. Price from RM25
Kinarut Beach Cheese

Other than the cheese platter, their menu also offers extensive selection of western and Asian food. They also offer Lunch BBQ Buffet on every Sunday.

Kinarut Beach Cheeseme and my cheese while overlooking greens and the sea.
Kinarut Beach CheeseKinarut Beach Cheese You can also buy their cheese here.   Langkah Syabas Beach Resort Jalan Papar Baru, Kampung Laut Kinarut, Kinarut, Sabah, Malaysia. Tel: +60 88 752000 / +60 12 885 3409 GPS Location: 5.8265971N 116.025008E Membakut Old Town We continue our way to Membakut Old Town which is 30 KM further away from Papar Town. The old town of Membakut is made up of few blocks of wooden shophouses built during the 1930s. membakut old town
membakut old town

The town is divided by train track. You can also take a train ride to Membakut train station.
membakut old town

Membakut Old Town  Time seems to stand still here. There are coffee, tire, cloth, sundry and hairdresser shops cater mostly to the local.

Membakut Old Town

Membakut Old Town The Locals recommend eating at Ummi Restaurant which serves Muslim foods. As they already closed, we ask them if they have any food left. As they know we come all the way from Kota Kinabalu, they prepared us Rojak Daging, The peanut sauce is delicious and go well with the noodle and beef.  Membakut Old Town They also served us Wajik Durian. A dessert made from glutinous rice and durian fresh. Membakut Old Town

Her families members and relatives call her Ummi, which mean mother in Arabic. She inherited Restaurant Ummi from her mother in law and served great Muslim foods to the locals at Membakut. She certainly has a big heart as not only she prepare foods for us even though they already closed for the day after knowing that we are from Kota Kinabalu, she also refused to let us pay for our foods.

If you never been to Membakut Old town, make an effort to visit this charm little old town and the beautiful wooden shophouses from the 1930s. The people are friendly and simple. With the lack of conservation and restoration, our Heritage will be lost forever and replaced with a soulless building.

Membakut Old Town

GPS Location: 5.4722726N 115.7958555E


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