Celebrate Christmas with Everything Pineapple from Koonduan Kiau Nuluh Enterprise:


The village of Kiau Nuluh in the Kota Belud region was one that was badly affected by
the June 5th 2015 earthquake. As Kg Kiau Nuluh is a village that mainly produces pineapple,
the economy and livelihood of the village were in shambles as prices of pineapple dropped to a
mere few cents per kilo.
Everything Pineapple
Everything Pineapple
Working together with the community of Kg Kiau Nuluh, Good Shepherd Services was
able to establish Koonduan Kiau Nuluh Enterprise (KKNE) in efforts of restoring livelihood to the
village. With the abundance of fresh pineapple, Everything Pineapple was set up under KKNE to
produce delicious pineapple based products.
Everything Pineapple

Today there are more than 60 women working together in KKNE to harvest, produce, and
market their range of products. Their products include pineapple jam, chutney, juice, and tarts.
All freshly produced in their local factory.
This Christmas, KKNE launches a limited edition Christmas package which is only
available through their Facebook page. This is the first time their products will be available
online for the whole Sabah and Malaysia!
Be sure to check it out at www.facebook.com/everythingpineapple/ or contact
088-204151 or 012-2326101 to order!

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