Biru Biru Cafe + Bar – Local food with a western twist


What happen when few avid travellers decided to open a cafe? It end up with a cafe name Biru Biru serving local food  with a western twist. The decoration is simple with collections of paintings and stuff collected from their travelling. If you looking for Biru Biru Cafe, you will see  “Sharikat Biru Biru” sign above the entrance.

Jules, one of the owner of Biru Biru, kind enough to explain to us the story behind the name biru biru. The name Biru Biru was picked because they cannot decide on a name and one of them say,  “just call Biru if we cannot agree on a name” and hence it is named Biru Biru. Definitely not an inspiring way to decide on a name but the name Biru Biru somewhat sound hip and fun, truly match the atmosphere at Biru Biru

Biru Biru Cafe + Bar
Biru Biru Cafe + Bar

The interior is clean and simple. Great ambiance inside the cafe.

Biru Biru Cafe + Bar

Match box collections and some old paintings decorate the wall inside Biru Biru.

Biru Biru Cafe + Bar

When we look at the menu, we were impressed with the offering with a good mix of local flavours and western food. They only serve Hinava on weekends for the time being. Best way to start a meal at Biru Biru with Pusas (Dusun word for snacks) which goes well with drinks.


Sinagol, a local appetiser features sting ray, turmeric and lemongrass

Deep fried okra sprinkled with cumin

Deep fried okra sprinkle with cumin

Corned beef fried rice with ikan masin

corned beef fried rice. the corned beef fried rice is not only flavoursome but also reminds me of my carefree childhood year

Tomato + Tuhau pasta with chicken

Tomato + Tuhau pasta with chicken. Great use of tuhau mix with tomato as the paste for pasta.

Nasi Lemak

nasi Lemak with fried chicken

Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos, one of most popular dish at Biru Biru

Coconut Cream + Tumeric Pasta

Coconut cream + turmeric pasta with prawns

Biru Biru Cafe + Bar

our big feast at Biru Biru

Waffle with coconut ice cream & gula melaka

 Waffle with coconut ice cream and gula melaka. one of the best waffle we ever had. Highly recommended!

Biru Biru Cafe +Bar is Located at Jalan Dewan, Ground floor of Borneo Backpackers(formerly Museum cafe). They are currently open for lunch and dinner time.

Location: Jalan Dewan

GPS Location5.9833227N 116.0776699E

Opening hours: 8am to 12am

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