Wah Juan Coffee Shop 华园茶餐室猪杂面 – Best Pork Innards noodles in Kota Kinabalu


Imagine eating a plate of noodles serves with pork innards (Mix Pork Intestine a.k.a zhu chap). It may sound gross for some but for those who love pork innards, a trip to Wah Juan Coffee shop is a must. Wah Juan coffee shop is located at the township of Tanjung Aru and have around for long time. They only operate in the morning and expect long queue as there are limited tables. An order will usually take more than 30 minutes to arrive.


pork innards 猪杂 tanjung aru

Wah Juan Coffee Shop is located at the corner, you can see the shop from the main road. The shop lot is old so do not expect clean and comfortable environment

pork innards 猪杂 tanjung aru

long wait for my orders

pork innards 猪杂 tanjung aru

pork innards 猪杂 tanjung aru

Pork Innards with Kon lou Mee. The pork innards is delicious but the noodles is a bit soggy. RM 6.50 for a plate of porkilicious meal

Address : Jalan Lee Thau Sang, Tanjung Aru (Jalan Lee Thau Sang), 88100 Kota Kinabalu,Sabah

GPS Location: 5.9527719N 116.0562533E

Opening hours : 7am to 10am

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