Logan bakar, grilled coconuts and coconut puddings at Sulaman Road, Tuaran


A trip to Tuaran must include a stopover at Sulaman road area where there are many stalls alongside the road serving Lokan Bakar, coconut puddings and grilled coconut. Lokan Bakar means BBQ clams. The clams are collected from the mangrove nearby. The hygiene level of the wood stalls is a bit questionable and the clams are from mud, some people may get sick easily by eating the clams here.

There are more than 20 stalls alongside the road so pick the one which catches your attention as some stalls are decorated creatively. Simply park your nearest stall and start ordering

bbq clam tuaran

The clams are stacked according to their sizes. Price depends on their sizes. I usually go for medium-size clams.

bbq clam tuaran

If you are lucky, you may even find crabs for sale at the stalls. The crabs were still alive and fully tied up.

bbq clam tuaran

bbq clam tuaran

bbq clam tuaran

After you choose the clams you like, the stall owner will start preparing the clams by BBQ with wood fire beside the stall. The stall owner BBQ the clams and add in the sauce which bring out the taste of the clams.

bbq clam tuaran

 kelapa bakar

Grilled coconut can also be found here.  grilled coconut is grilled by using firewood till the outer layer burnt and served hot. Taste different from fresh coconut juice.

kelapa bakar

coconut pudding sulaman tuaran

If you prefer something cold, coconut pudding is a must.

2016-06-26 16.52.01-1

Lokan, grilled coconut, coconut pudding, and fresh coconut juice.


Opening hour : 8am to 7pm (different opening time for different stalls)

Location : Sulaman Road, Tuaran

GPS location6.1020018N 116.1715794E


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