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Located minutes away from Kota Kinabalu city center, Tanjung Aru supplies the perfect mix of tranquility and entertainment. Tanjung Aru is famous for its beach but there are plenty of good eats as well. From authentic chinese food to good simple local kueh, Tanjung Aru town is a perfect starting point to discover the food culture of Kota Kinabalu.

Tanjung Aru Town GPS location : 5.9529593N 116.0557187E

Tanjung Town food map

1) King Hu Restaurant京滬飯店

Peking roast duck is a must-try for visitors to King Hu Restaurant located at Tanjung Aru Town, and they have another outlet located at Pavilion Bundusan,Penampang. If you haven’t tried Peking Duck in Sabah yet, then we highly recommend you do, not only for the taste but also for the experience, with an arresting fragrance, crunchy skin and tender meat.Once all the meat has been carved, chefs bring the remaining fat, meat and bones back to the kitchen to boil with a soup,which is served at the end of the meal.

Operation Hours: 6pm to 10pm

king hu peking duck

2) Kedai Kopi Ming Seng

Kon lau mian 叉烧烧肉乾撈麵 You’ll be salivating as soon as the food arrive with such detailed and eye-popping food arrangement! The blanched noodles are topped with chopped scallions and Chinese ‘red’ barbequed pork, a roasted pork sliced with crispy roasted skin and a bit of flavor-adding fat..Serve in the morning and fried dishes and noodles forthe lunch time.

Operation Hours: 8am to 3pm

tanjung aru town

3) Tanjung Aru Wet Market

Try the delectable Malaysian breakfast, nasi lemak. Other than nasi lemak, you can also find kueh teow goreng, meehoon goreng and Malays Kueh

Operation Hours: 7am to 11am


Apam Balik –It’s a traditional Malaysian crispy pancake or crepe with roasted peanut and sugar crumb stuffing.

Operation Hours: 7am to 10am

tanjung aru town

4) Kedai Kopi Wah Juan 華園茶室

Mix of pork meat and innards, spleen, heart and liver cooked in a rich pork-based broth filled with Chinese vermicelli noodles and topped with sliced green onions. Popular with the locals, the pork innards stall is only open for breakfast and always crowded with people. Be prepare to wait up to 30 minutes for a plate of pork goodness. RM 6.50 for a plate of porkilicious delight!

Operation Hours: 6am to 10am

tanjung aru town pork innards

5) Kedai Kopi Hin Loi 兴来茶室

Hawker stall offering crispy fried chickens that are said to be tastier than KFC! Business is brisk, as there is always a long queue in front of the stall. Different chicken parts are offered here to suit different tastes, including chicken wing, chicken drumstick, chicken carcass, chicken neck and much more.They also serve fried chicken with rice and it cost only RM4.50.

Operation Hours:11.30am to 8pm

tanjung aru fried chicken

Bamboo baskets of freshly-steamed dim sum are stacked on the table to grace the morning. Choose your favourite dim sum, and they will send it to you. Operation Hours: 6am to 2pm

tanjung aru town food

Tuaran Mee (斗亚兰面)-These noodles, also known as the gold noodles, are a traditional handmade egg noodle started in Tuaran town, Sabah. The dish tastes best when it is fried and served hot with egg roll slices (春卷 in Chinese), roasted pork slices and local green vegetables. This golden-color noodle is rich with egg aroma. Considerably good for a small stall which also serves fried noodle and Kueh Teow. Operation Hours: 6am to 2pm

tanjung aru town

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