We took a roadtrip to Kudat, and we absolutely love it!

kudat riviera kelambu beach

Pack your bag and let’s explore Kudat, The Northern Part of Sabah. What better way to start and end your weekend with a short gateway at the tip of Borneo that is surrounded by beautiful beaches! It’s a 3 – 4 hours’ worth of driving and a perfect gateway for your weekend. Here are the perfect huts for everyone to explore and trust me, you won’t regret it!

Roadtrip to Kudat

The scenic drive to Kudat at the northern of Sabah bring us through the Kota Belud and beautiful scenery along the way. We stop by Kota Belud to take the photos of Mount Kinabalu as Kota Belud offers the most beautiful view of Mount Kinabalu with the paddy field as the foreground. The best place to take photos is at Kampung Sangkir.
Kudat Road trip

Kudat Road trip

We continue our way to Kudat and make a stop at the stalls alongside the road before the Kota Marudu junction. The stalls are operated by the locals and the grilled corn is a must. There are 2 types of corn, Jagung pulut and Jagung Manis. I prefer the Jagung pulut which has more sticky texture and less sweet. Stalks of 4 corns selling for only RM5.
Kudat Road trip

At the Kota Marudu Junction, there are stalls selling peanuts and snacks.

Kudat Road trip

Kudat Town

The town center is quite and life is slow and relax. Peoples hang around the coffee shop after a long day at the farm and some people gather around the billiard shop to see their friends competing against each other. Kudat town is located beside the sea and the newly renovated Kudat esplanade offers a place for the locals to chill and exercise during the late afternoon.
Kudat Road trip


Kudat is not renowned for its food but you must not miss out the seafood. The seafood is cheap and fresh, and there are seafood restaurants around Kudat town offering Chinese and Malay style cooking. We visited Kampung Kelapa Laut (located right at the center of Kudat Town) and had a seafood feast at unbelievable Kudat Road trip

Beach and Sunset

Kudat is famous for its beautiful sunset and landscape. We explore the Tip of Borneo and the surrounding beach which is amazing. Kelambu beach is one of the most beaches in Sabah and it also offers an amazing sunset view. Bak Bak Beach at the other side is made up mostly shallow rock and a favorite place for locals during the weekend.
Kudat Road trip

Kudat Road trip


There are many resorts and hotels scattered at different beaches and area around Kudat. You can choose to stay around Tip of Borneo

Travel to Tip of Borneo and stay the night 

Else you can choose to stay around the town or one of the many beaches around Kudat.

1. Hibiscus beach retreat

Imagine watching the breath-taking sunset at your chalet and waking up to the sound of beach gushing; no one else around but yourself and your companion… That is a short brief of Hibiscus beach retreat and indeed, it is a retreat that you will not forget. The place is isolated from the town and the chalet itself is in the forest whereby you need to walk 5 minutes to go there. There is no 3G line and you won’t be able to call or message anyone once you are at your chalet and since it is far from town, the owner suggested to order our dinner before the 7pm (because of the shops that are nearby the chalet closes at 7pm). But don’t worry; they prepared a lot of movies, books, board games and iPod (Yes there is iPod there) for you to enjoy your night. Breakfast is already pre-prepared and kept in the fridge for you to enjoy your cup of Dolce Gusto and breakfast the next day while enjoying the view.

Price Range: RM530++ per night

Contact: 0198950704


2. 9 Huts on Hills

Bamboo everywhere and amazing ideas of the bamboo hut that will make you go wow indeed. 9huts on Hills is an eco-friendly place whereby they practices recycle and appreciate the Mother Nature there!  The entire chalet is made up of bamboo and the concept of their sliding door is very unique. In fact, the best thing about 9Huts on Hills is that there are workout equipment such as the dumbbell, KB swing and etc (LIKE WHUT!!). Trust me; this will be a paradise gateway for those who look fitness because working out there is a different feeling. At night, you can barbeque and mingle around at their dining area and the breakfast that they served is quite satisfying too.

Kudat Road trip

Price Range: RM290++ per night

9 huts on Hills at Agoda

3. North Borneo Biostation Resort

North Borneo Biostation merely is nearby the beach and of course forest around there, the place truly is peaceful and wonderful for a short gateway especially those who love snorkeling and jungle tracking. The concept of Borneo Biostation chalet is a bungalow type of room that comes with an outdoor seating area. There are a total of 20 chalets at Borneo Biostation and a beautiful outdoor dining restaurant prepared for their guests to enjoy the sound wave of the beach while enjoying their dinner. Also, there is diving service provided at North Borneo Biostation along with fishing and jungle tracking adventure nearby there! If that is not enough, there is windsurfing, darts, canoeing and cycling activities for you.

Kudat Road trip

Kudat Road trip

Price Range: RM250++ per night

North Borneo Biostation Resort at Agoda

4. Kudat Riviera

Kudat Riviera is located on the western shores of Kudat and by mean located at the northern tip of Borneo! Kudat Riviera is private luxury villas that offer more than a beautiful view and villa for their guests. The villas consist of different type of bedrooms prepared; from Frangipani Family suites, Sunbean 2 bedrooms, Sabah sunset 3 bedrooms and other more. The designs of the villas are very unique and it’s a two-story story concept. The interior of it looks very luxurious and amazing too, in fact, there is swimming pool provided there! Additional to it, there is a private helicopter transfer service available there.

Kudat Road trip

Price Range: RM600++ per night (starting with 1 bedroom right)

Kudat Riviera rate at Agoda 

5. Serendipity villa

As the name of the Villa says it, the place is indeed a perfect gateway not only for a honeymoon but for friends and family as well. Serendipity Villa is isolated from the town and with that, it is very difficult to get phone reception over there. But of course, despite all that, you get the chance to enjoy the sunset view, the sound of the beach and private pool located at the front of the beach.  This villa is a 4-bedroom villa (yes, the room is limited) and each of the bedrooms has their own character of interior design and different types of beds and, pets are allowed to be there! Smoking is allowed but only in the common area. This place is suitable to host a private function as well.

Photo from Serendipity villa FB

Price Range: RM178++ per night

Serendipity rate at Agoda 

6. Kudat Golf and Marina

Kudat Golf and Marina is located at the Kudat Town center and established in  2002 with an ethnic design feel of timber concept to suits the nature around there. The facilities provided there are fitness area, conference room, sauna, swimming pool, tennis court, children playground and of course restaurant. The resort is perfect for a short company retreat too!  There are different types of room provided starting from standard, superior to the deluxe suite.

Kudat Road trip

Kudat Road trip

Price Range: RM600++ per night

Kudat Golf & Marina at Agoda


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