Sandakan food – Kedai Makan Ngee Lee


Kedai Makan Ngee Lee is famous for its coconut pudding and cantonese roast.  Kedai Makan Ngee Lee is located just next to Kedai Roti Gold Crown  at Tanah Merah, Leila Road. If you are passing by the area, you would not though this shop serve good food.

Ngee Lee Restaurant Sandakan

Gee Lee is an old coffee shop alongside Leila road.

Ngee Lee Restaurant Sandakan

Simple looking coffee shop

Ngee Lee Restaurant Sandakan

Coconut pudding (椰青奶露花) is the signature dessert at Kedai Makan Ngee Lee

Ngee Lee Restaurant Sandakan
Ngee Lee Restaurant Sandakan

The pudding is soft and full of coconut flavour balance with milk taste. One of the best taste pudding I ever tasted

Ngee Lee Restaurant Sandakan

Kedai Makan Ngee Lee also serve Cantonese roast chicken, duck, pork ribs, sausage and pork. Taste is good but I had better. Maybe because my mind keep thinking about the coconut pudding and anything come next taste ordinary by comparison.

Location: Tanah Merah, Beside Leila road (opposide Nam Tung Town)

GPS Location5.8310566N 118.0880633E

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  1. Ngee Lee has a branch at Kingfisher Plaza and that place is run by the same family from Sandakan. They also serve similar roasted meats and slow steamed herbal soup during lunch such as spare-rib bitter gourd soup, peanut lotus root soup.


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