Recipe – Yellow wine clams soup 黄酒沙白汤


Yellow wine clams soup 黄酒沙白汤

I didn’t put any water it as I prefer the soup to be full of alcohol taste. The taste from the clams and alcohol is good enough with adding any salt

yellow wine clams soup


– ginger slice

– garlic slice

– 1 kg of clams

– 500ml yellow wine (Chinese)

– qizi (Chinese Wolfberries)



1) Put some oil in the pan, wait ti the oil become hot

2) Fry the ginger slice till golden brown before put in garlic slice

3) put in the clams and fry it for

A short while. Pour in 500ml of yellow wine cover the pan

4) once it start boiling, put it some qizi. Cover the pan

5) once the clams all open up, the soup is ready

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