Kedai Kopi Yuit Cheong


Do you know that Yuit Cheong is more than 100 years old(since 1896) and continuously operated through five generations of the Leong family,? The grandparents started Yuit Cheong at Gaya Island settlement long before Api Api  was selected as the new site for the town centre. The moved to current premise at Jalan Pantai during the 60s.

Customers now frequent Yuit Cheong Coffee Shop for its bread and Kaya. Uncle Leong is frequently seen at the coffee shop eagerly sharing his stories about the coffee shop to tourists and customers who are interested in learning about life before the war and changes in cost of living over the years.

Yuit Cheong is one of the favourite hangout place for reporters, where they exchange news and information while enjoy a cup of coffee/tea.

Satay Jawi @ Kedai Kopi Yui Cheong

Yuit Cheong serves bread and coffee/tea. Typical “Malaysian old Kopitiam” style food. There is a stall in front of Yuit Cheong serving good satay. The satay stall starts operating from 11am. Satay Jawi serve chicken and beef satay and they also served Satay Perut(beef tripe satay)

Satay Jawi @ Kedai Kopi Yui Cheong
Satay Jawi @ Kedai Kopi Yui Cheong
Satay Jawi @ Kedai Kopi Yui Cheong

you can order sticky rice to go with the satay or order bread from the shop. The bread goes well with the satay sauce

Satay Jawi @ Kedai Kopi Yui Cheong

Delicious satay perut (beef tripe satay)

Satay Jawi @ Kedai Kopi Yui Cheong

Old photos of Jesselton town( old Kota Kinabalu) and story of Yuit Cheong grace the wall at Yuit Cheong. Yuit Cheong is a great place to experience local life. Great food and great ambiance.

Address: No. 50, 3rd Floor, Jalan Pantai, Sabah, 88000 Kota Kinabalu

GPS Location5.9826185N 116.075803E

Phone088-252 841

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  1. Lovely, their satay peanut sauce remains intact and adheres to the Javanese authentic standard. Tender Beef and spicy chicken cuts too.


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