Ho Yuan Restaurant 河源茶室 – Big pork egg roll


Ho Yuan Restaurant famous for its Kon lau mee with pork egg roll and pork balls. The pork egg roll at Ho yuan is self made and it’s thicker than pork egg roll found at the market. They serve delicious kon lau mee (dark sauce noodle)


ho yuan restaurant

you can also choose fried noodle and it also serve with the famous pork egg roll and pork balls.

ho yuan restaurant

Ho Yuan Restaurant also serve great chinese food and they have extensive selection of chinese foods on the menu. They have great selection of fishes such as seven star grouper and grouper. The steam minced pork is  great and do try the bitter gourd fried with duck egg.

ho yuan restaurant

ho yuan restaurant chinese food

If you love the pork egg roll and pork ball of Ho Yuan Restaurant, both items are available for sale.


Opening hour :

7am till 2.30 pm



Lot 1, Blk C, Tkt Bwh, Taman Hiburan,
ln Penampang Lama 88300,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
GPS Location : 5.9355894N 116.0854161E

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