Food reimagined, coffee redefined – 5 course Degustation menu with coffee pairings


Inspired by the abundance of local produce and fresh catch of Sabah, Adelphi & Co. and INCH Coffee embarked on this journey of collaboration.  A very first of its kind in the humble city of Kota Kinabalu, to present a 5-course degustation menu with coffee pairings on the night of 11th & 12th April, held at Adelphi & Co.

The menu, very well curated by Chef Jimmy embraces local ingredients by incorporating in-season fresh flower crab, prawns, mangoes, heirloom tomatoes, various fresh herbs, and spices. The whole course revolved around five main flavor profiling: acidity, spicy, savory, sweet and bitter, with the unique techniques such as the sous-vide method, it introduced guests of the night to a world of gastronomy.

There are 3 main showcases we wanted for this event:

Food-pairing – Food-pairing is a method for identifying which foods go well together. The method is based on the principle that foods combine well with one another when they share key flavor components. Food-pairing is a relatively new method and is often confused with wine and food matching. This process aids recipe design and provides new possible food combinations, which are theoretically sound on the basis of their flavor. It also provides possible food combinations, which are solely based on the intrinsic properties of the different food products; they are based on the flavor compounds that are present in the products. This result in possible combinations that are innovative and are not influenced or restricted by the cultural and traditional context of the products.  The food pairing methodology opens a whole new world of possible food combinations.

inch X Adelphi
Beet Gazpacho, fresh crab meat, infused texture, citrus oil drizzled prawn cracker and black caviar pair with Cascara “Champagne”
inch X Adelphi
Seafood croquettes with Thai red pesto foam
Dinner tasting menu with coffee pairings inspired by the abundance of local produce and fresh catch that Sabah has to offer. A collaboration between @inchcoffee @adelphi_coffee Great effort by the team to create a interesting pairing of local produce and
Coconut sticky rice pudding with fresh mint mango salsa
inch X Adelphi
Sous-vide pork belly, truffle cauliflower puree, poached daikon with five spiced pork jus

Food and Coffee Pairing– Traditionally, wine is paired with food especially in the context of fine dining. However, after we began to understand coffee and wine a little deeper, both have uncanny similarities, hence we decided to take a bold step and use coffee to create this unique experience. Both are made from fruit. Both have flavors that are heavily influenced by the soil and climate in which they’re grown. But the similarities between coffee and wine don’t end there; from the way, we taste them to the words we use to describe them. It turns out that there’s much more to two of the world’s favorite drinks. More and more people are also beginning to appreciate specialty coffee today, Adelphi & Co and INCH shares the same passion and wanted to showcase specialty coffee in a different light; in this case, presenting in a different form.

inch X Adelphi
Smoky “Whisky” Coffee

inch X Adelphi
Cold Coffee with salted coconut foam

Bean to Bar chocolate– Bean-to-bar chocolate or ‘craft chocolate’ means chocolate that is handcrafted in one place, all the way from picking the cacao pods (fruit) to fermenting and processing the cacao beans to the finished product, Chocolate. The cocoa we source this time is from Tawau.  Many do not know that in Sabah, we have among the world’s top cocoa quality. A lot of specialty chocolate makers around the world source their cocoa from Sabah. The purpose of this Bean to Bar concept is to introduce local chocolate to the community and help them understand the process of making it from its’ original bean form.
This will definitely not be the last of collaborations. There are so many that are venturing into the Food & Beverage industry today and we want to change the game of serving the community by lifting each other up through these collaborations.  We sincerely hope that event such as this served as an eye-opening one for guests to appreciate the quality even local ingredients can produce.

inch X Adelphi
Cinamon brioche cube with banana jam & dark chocolate mousse


Team Adelphi & INCH

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