Vinabread & Coffee – Vietnam baguette and coffee


bánh mi which means bread, or more specifically the Vietnamese baguette sandwich,  was introduced by the French during its colonial period. Any visitors to Vietnam will surely remember having Vietnamese baguette sandwich.

We were craving for Vietnamese baguette sandwich after our last trip to Vietname and we were delight to know that a shop is serving Vietnamese baguette sandwich in Kota Kinabalu.

Vinabread & Coffee is located at the middle of Kolombong light industry area and they only start operating for few weeks. They serve Vietnamese baguette sandwich with eggs, meats, chocolate as toppings. The lady boss learn to make Vietnamese baguette at Vietnam and the texture is modified to suit the local market.

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Vinabread & Coffee

Vinabread & Coffee
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Vinabread & Coffee
Vinabread & Coffee

bánh mi , Vietnamese baguette, Crispy outside, soft inside

Vinabread & Coffee

A big oven to make good bánh mi

Vinabread & Coffee
Vinabread & Coffee

Price wise is more expensive than what you pay in Vietnam but pretty reasonable considering that you can enjoy Vietnam Baguette in Kota Kinabalu. If you yet to try Vietnam Baguette, then take a visit to Vinabread & Coffee for the taste of Vietnam

*Serve no Pork

Location: Off Jalan Kolombong, Kolombong light industrial area (Behind Kedai Kopi Hing Seng facing junction)

GPS Location5.9864198N 116.1240131E

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