Twenty2 Crust Pizza Plaza 333


We heard so much about Twenty2 Crust Pizza at Tambunan and naturally when they open a new branch at Plaza 333 beside Donggongon bypass, we are excited as we didn’t need to travel to Tambunan to try their Pizza.
Twenty2 crust pizza

Simple and clean layout

Twenty2 crust pizza  caesar salad with bread crumbs. I don’t like the  sauce and find it look a bit bland. Perhaps some bacon bits will make this dish a bit more appetizing.

Twenty2 crust pizza

Fettuccine Carbonara.  We find a bit salty and credit to them they replace another one for us without much fuss. The pasta is cooked al dente but the sauce lacks a bit punch.

Twenty2 crust pizza When in Pizzeria, pizza is a must. We ordered Greek Lamb Pizza which is topped with cheese and grilled lamb.  Twenty2 crust pizza The key to a really good pizza is, of course, the crust. We ordered a thin crust pizza and find it crisp. The grilled lamb is well marinated and goes well with the pizza.Twenty2 crust pizza

Our dessert of the day. We ordered a Mud Cake dessert and  shocked by the size of it. it will be better if they come with the mini version as there is no way 3 of us gonna finish this dessert. The chocolate topping tastes good but would be better if it comes with better quality ice cream.

Twenty2 crust pizza Even though we cannot say Twenty2 crust pizza serve the best pizza, Twenty2 crust pizza certainly serves good pizza even though other dishes were hit and miss. We find it not for a small Group or a small Eater as the portion are big.  Twenty2 crust pizza offers good dining option for pizza lover as their selection of pizza looks good. Will certainly back for the pizza but gonna give other dishes a miss as I cannot eat much in one meal.

Location: Lot 44, Ground Floor, Block F, Plaza 333

Contact no. : 088-713 344

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday : 5pm to 11pm

Payment Method: Cash Only

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