The Bab’s Korea BBQ


Nestled in the most unlikely place you can find, a golf driving range in Likas Sports Complex, The Bab’s Korean BBQ appears to be a low key joint. However, with all the flickering fairy lights and the occasional k-pop music coming from the exterior of this restaurant, don’t let it confuse you for a karaoke lounge. Upon entering, the ambiance is bright and simple adorned with whitewashed furniture, and an eccentric all year round “Christmas tree”; you have a choice to dine indoors or al-fresco.
The Bab’s Korea BBQ
We ordered the pork BBQ set for 2-3 people consisting of Samgyeopsal, Do Chujang Dwaeji Bulgogi, Gyeran Jjim and Kimchi Jjigae. In addition, we also had Haemul Pajeon, Japchae and Bibimbap for two people. The waiter served us with 15 different types of Banchan (side dishes).
The Bab’s Korea BBQ
There were some hits and misses amongst the array of dishes on our dinner table. Although it wasn’t visually appealing, I thoroughly enjoyed the Do Chujang Dwaeji Bulgogi (spicy sliced BBQ pork), which vanished in my mouth and its’ spiciness gave it the perfect kick.
The Bab’s Korea BBQ
The Haemul Pajeon’s (seafood potato pancake) plating was more pleasing to the eyes, and it was equally as pleasing to the stomach.
The Bab’s Korea BBQ

I was impressed with the almost-crepe-like thinness of the pancake and the chef was obviously very generous with the seafood. Ordinarily, Bibimbap (mixed rice) is served in stone bowls; however, since I ordered for two, it was served in a rather beaten up copper bowl. I was a tad disappointed by the presentation but most importantly, it had to taste good.
It did not hamper my expectations, and to my awe, they used Korean brown rice which made the Bibimbap tasted nuttier. The Japchae (stir fried potato noodles) on the other hand was simple and tasty. The slightly unimpressive dishes were Samgyeopsal (fatty slices of pork belly meat) as it was very plain (not marinated) and tough to chew and the Gyeran Jjim (steamed egg) was nothing to shout about either. My only criticism on the Kimchi Jigae (spicy fermented cabbage stew) was they should not have served it in such a small stone bowl; it surely did not satisfy my cravings. Despite the few items I didn’t like, I do intend to return to this unassuming place one day for their beef BBQ, teokboki, kimchi jeon and more of that delicious do chujang dwaeji bulgogi. Fast service, mediocre Korean cuisine


The Bab’s Korea BBQ

Location: Jalan Istiadat, Golf Driving Range, Kompleks Sukan Kota KinabaluLikas, 88400,Kota Kinabalu.
GPS Location5.985953N 116.0909092E
Telephone: 088 230130
Business Hours: 11.00 am to 11.00 pm

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