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The search for the healthier alternative of frozen desserts are on the rise these days and we provide it in the form of gelato and sorbets. Maybe you can even skip the exercising and just go on a gelato diet. Gelatolab is more than happy to provide.

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Gelatolab Food Truck

You may have spotted Gelatolab Food truck at Tanjung Aru 1st Beach or at the events around Kota Kinabalu serving artisan gelato. Gelatolab launch their kiosk at LG, Imago Mall (in front Lucy’s Kitchen)

gelatolab malaysia

gelatolab malaysia

Born in Sabah, the Land Below the Wind, Gelatolab serve artisanal Gelato & Sorbet using all natural ingredients. Gelatolab offers over 30 flavors of gourmet Italian gelato and sorbet. The gelato and sorbet are hand-made fresh with natural ingredients using authentic Italian recipes. The gelatos are all natural, smooth, rich and creamy with a dense texture and flavor. The sorbets are dairy free, fat-free, cholesterol free, and 100% vegan.

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Gelatolab uses lots of fresh fruits which means you will be getting gelato with an intense and rich flavor of fresh ingredients.

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Gelatolab also promotes the uniqueness of Malaysia through the variety of their gelato flavors.  There is a special flavor category in our menu that’s called the Malaysia Exotic with flavors like durian, gula Melaka, coconut pandan and even teh tarik. Your adventurous palate is going to be surprised, in a good way of course.
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Gelatolab is also pleased to announce the Gelatolab Dessert bar is now open for business. Located within the same premises with Lucy’s Kitchen Imago Mall, the Dessert Bar will give Kota Kinabalu visitors and locals a chance to experience Gelatolab on a whole new level.

The Dessert Bar menu features signature treats, including Sweet Temptation, Not-so Taco, Stairs to heaven, dazzling unicorn and chocolatey mudslide.

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