Sizzling hot meal at Sizzle, Plaza 333


Looking for sizzling hot food? Now you can get it at Sizzle Plaza 333. Their signature dish is Nasi Lalap and Sambal Udang serves on a hot plate. Sizzle by Rasa Bahagia
is formerly known as Restoran Rasa Bahagia, located at Center Point Sabah & Kompleks Karamunsing. 

Sizzle KK Plaza 333

Clean, simple and bright interior at Sizzle. Sizzle is located at the last row of shop in Plaza 333 facing the housing.

Sizzle KK Plaza 333 Bandung ice. Nasi lalap served sizzling hot on hot plate at Sizzle???. Love the Sambal serve with the fried chicken. Sizzle specialize in sizzling hot plate meal and their shop is tidy and windy. Good place for hot plate food at Plaza 333. Their Signature Nasi Lalap. Serve with lots of sambals. Big portion and delicious!Sizzle KK Plaza 333

Sambal prawn served sizzling hot. The sambal is delicious. Could do with more prawns.

Sizzle KK Plaza 333

RM9 for a hot plate Nasi Lalap Sizzle offer a great place for all day hot plate. They do also serve beef, chicken , seafood, and lamb.

Location: Lot 74-0, Block I, Plaza 333, Kobusak Commercial Center, 88300 Penampang

Opening hours : 08:00 – 22:00

Contact no: 016-830 3124

No pork served restaurant


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